Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Oscars 2011..

Hey Everyone! 
So My Sunday night was OSCAR NIGHT! I always watch it! No matter WHAT! since I was 6.. YUP! :D 
This Year, My Fav Movies,That Were Up are“The Social Network" And "The King's Speech” 
And "Toy Story 3"
I'm huge Fan of One The Co hosts, and That's James Franco. He was himself, If You follow him on twitter he's Oddball. So I Knew He wasn't going to Be That Great and he wasn't. Anne Was Good And Super Funny, I thought. :) I Had a Huge Feeling That Everyone was Trying to bring back The Old Hollywood Feel. 
Best Supporting Actress: I was upset That Helena Bonham Carter Didn't win For the Kings Speech. She was Really Great and Then Melissa Leo Won And She had The Nerve To Cuss. I know You won, But Come On, Really? Wow...
Best Musical Score: The Social Network, I'm so HAPPY it WON! I love the Song to it! 
Best animation : Toy story 3, I was LIKE OH YES!! AHHH! :D the last one, for now! :) they worked hard on it No other Movie was Better then, it was just Fantastic.
Best Adapted Screenplay: The Social Network. awesome! 
Best Original Screenplay: The kings Speech. So His Mom Saw a Play Of it When she was In a Little Town when She was in Australia, Then she called Him and Said Think I have Your next, Movie. :) 
Best Costume Design: ALICE in Wonderland, My Fav Movie EVER!
Best Supporting Actor: Christian Bale! I haven't Seen This Movie, But he's a Great Actor, I know that! :) 
Best Director: Tom Hooper,The Kings Speech. Omgh.. ahh! :D 
Best Actress: Natalie Portman, The Black Swan. She's is a Great Actress! :D But The Movie I heard, is Not Good At all :\ 
Best Actor: Colin Firth, The Kings Speech..He's the best!! Love Huge fan of his! :D AAHH! it was amazing to see him on Stage! :) <3 *tears* it was EPIC!  
BEST PICTURE : The Kings Speech! :D It's just a Great Movie.. :) Everyone Says, I need to SEE IT!! 
I know almost the whole story on it and everything.. HAHA! i'm so lame! :P 
Then ending was Good, When All the winners Came out Together! :D then Those Cute Kids Singing..
The End on My Oscar Post! :) <3 
God Bless
XOXO Pamela :) <3 

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