Sunday, March 20, 2011

My pain days.

HI, Everyone! :D
How are you All??
I'm Doing good. some pain.. but I'll tell you about how My days are First! :)  Tuesday, I had a Awesome day with the family, we did so Much! My Mom had a test in The morning and it was Clear! But Then we went Out, IT was Really fun, my dad was with us, so we were all Over the city, Then we had dinner together at Our Fave Resteraunt and we got some Fruit cups and I didn't have to walk too Much, so I wasn't In that much pain and I had a Awesome time with the Family! :D Then on Wednesday, I was Home and I was watching soccer, Real Madrid game and THEY WON! :D OH YEAH! I love my team! and I was also getting all My Meds that day also, making sure I have enough sometimes, is so hard!
then Thrusday, I was Home and My Mom brought some stuff to put around the house, so I was helping! I was soooo tired and then I fell asleep! haha! Then My Mom and I were watching, MY fav Movie eclipse, yes I love Twilight!! haha! Then at around 6:00, dinner time, I got a Lot of Pain out of Nowhere, It just came and It hit me, I was just in so much pain! Then my Nodes in my elbows, were Sticking out so much! they were HUGE!! Plus everything felt swollen and huge .. just not good! Then I got on here to write the Post so I look at My stats and there I can see how people get to My blog. Well guess what? I saw That I'm on YAHOO search!! You just type in Sjogren's syndrome and Search it and go to page 31 I'm on THERE! I took a Pic so Y'all can see it! :D

I'm So HAPPY! AHH! and Proud, THANK YOU! My readers! You all Got me there! :D I'm so Blessed!!
Then I Fell asleep.. after That And Friday, I just haven't done too much, Just been tired and in pain, Super stiff also.. I was sleeping earlier and Now I just ate dinner and I'm feeling a Lot of Pain! I just want one pain free DAY!
ok, I fell asleep right after dinner,what I'm a Baby??? who sleeps a Lot?!?! lol....
Anyway, yes, I have been In pain.. It's the worst for anyone And Myself, Not Just the pain but at times, I can feel My bones cracking just like when it Moves, I can feel It so much. It's hard to describe But It's just so painful and It's just so achy...
Saturday has been really good. Just a family day! I hope so! it feels LIKE!  anyway, we went to Trader's village, then Lunch at Cheddars. I LOVE IT! Then home and we saw "Despicable me," It's such a Cute Movie! Those little girls are Just like My cousins.. LOL! I was like AWWW! the whole time AND Real Madrid WON! :D WHOOO HOOO! :D and I saw my Favs, CR7 & Sergio and Xabi, I wish Kaka would Play though...
I just want you all TO KNOW! that I love what I do, It's just lately, My hands are hurting more and I'm having some Problems writing, as In what TO WRITE!! so I'm hoping to get some more inspiration soon,
sometimes It's hard for me to get some! I don't know why.. I just want to Make sure, every Post is PERFECT for My Wonderful readers!!
it's Super Late, I can't sleep because,
My back hurts.. It's kinda Numb.. :| plus The Golden girls are On, it's all NIGHT! :D so it's hard to sleep,
But I must, I have Church in the Morning.  I can't wait to talk to the King of Kings. :) My Lord God!
God Bless! & good NIGHT! :D

So Now it's Sunday afternoon, Church was AMAZING!, I love having, one and One time with God. :) The sermon was just AWESOME! I Loved it! lunch was SUPER GOOD! :D I loved eating with my family :)  and Now I'm watching Rafael Nadal match. he's playing really GOOD,so far! :D he's MY FAV!! :D and I'm talking to my friends, Oh and I forgot to take my shot before Lunch so we rushed home,after! I was like OH NO!! and I need it, I can not miss a shot at all! Anakinra has to stay in my body. it's so ODD!! now I'm still watching it and in pain.. and falling asleep! BACK! My nap was Good, and He lost.. He's Stil the BEST no matter what! :D Rafael Nadal is still Number one, In my heart! :D Now I'm off to Play some games online! :)  
Love you all! <3
XOXO,Pamela AKA faith girl! :)

My Taylor swift skin! I Got, I Told You all I would Post a PIC! :D I LOVE IT!

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