Monday, March 28, 2011

Keep The FAITH!!

Hi Everyone! 
I have been really busy!! I just finished cleaning My room, It took forever! But I didn't want help, I did It all on my Own, I'm Proud Of Myself! Ok, so I have been Doing a Post about my Dr and My Meds, But I will Post it soon! The problem is My hands, They have Been hurting a LOT! :( so I can't type and I've been super Tired and Busy With My Family. So I hope To Post It soon, It's almost done! But everything feels Like It's taking forever! so I just want to tell y'all That I'm still doing the Blog and That I'm ok, But I'm just so BUSY!! and everything is a lot right now! the pain and My Meds and the shots. :( I hope to Post again tomorrow! :) <3 Love Y'all! Keep the FAITH! and Beat THE PAIN! 
I'm not feeling good, so Off to bed! 
XOXO,Pamela :) <3


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