Thursday, March 10, 2011

I will conquer IT!?!?!

Hello Everyone!! 

Sorry, I have been MIA Lately! I missed y'all! :D  
Hello to The wonderful Country of Russia! I would Love to go over there one day!
I didn't Think, that the Oscar's Post would Be a Hit Like it was!! I was Kinda, WOWED! That everyone liked it! :D THANK YOU!!! SO MUCH! You Made MY MARCH!
I'm working on some Awesome Posts But I'm waiting for some People to get back to me first with some facts and stuff. I wanted to Share with My readers something I would Love to do this year, I hope to Do a Walk/ Run for Arthritis! :D That's my goal! So I would Love for some Prayers and Hope, Please! :)
So yesterday was a Tough day mainly because I was in pain for a full 48 hours and it hurt SO MUCH! It's been a long time since The pain has Hurt me this Much. It felt Like Everything was Flaring up all at the same time!! The pain was in the Muscles, The Bones, joints all of IT! I wanted to go to the ER But Then again, I know  My Body super well, so I waited it out. And today I'm In pain also But not as bad as Yesterday, I put the tenns machine on last Night and I couldn't EVEN FEEL IT! Like My Back was in so much pain, it was almost numb! And My hands are Hurting so this may not be so LONG!  

My Mom went to The Dr today.. They told her some news, NO Cancer!! But something That she has to get under control. Please Just Pray For her! I just can't lose her or anything... EVER!

Besides the Pain, I have been dealing With, I have been Having Some Problems sleeping and super tired and Just doing a  Lot of  Pre Stuff for College, trying to Get ready for The tests.
Besides That, I'm Doing a Lot Of Reading and research on these Diseases, I'm reading This Book Called "How to Live a Full Life With Rheumatoid Arthritis: Manage Your Rheumatoid Arthritis by Becoming an Expert Patient" You can see The Book here! I LOVE IT! because it's SO SIMPLE! No, Medical Talk! And Normal People Like You and Me can understand it, I like how it has The facts and what this Diseases DOES to Your Bones and Body. 
SO Again, I have to Keep telling myself, I CAN BEAT THIS! Together we can! let's beat Theses Diseases! :D 

My Mom, My brother Paul And I went to some errands today, then we came home and my other Brother Pat and Paco were Home. While I was reading, Paco went under my bed later he came and sat next to me And I saw he was Bleeding! I was freaking out, so MUCH!! But the reason is his nails are super Long! That's why.. I think! I couldn't find anything else, anyway, Mom Cleaned him Up and I had a Non-Lick & non-Stick to fur strip, That's what They Call it.  He was fine after That! But Boy, Did he scary ME?!?! I thought I was going to have to take him to The Vet But No, I didn't have to! :D I'm just happy he's FINE! 
And My Dad and Mom got me A NEW Key Broad! And I got a Taylor Swift Skin For a Laptop But I don't have a Laptop yet But I just got it ANYWAY!!! :D B/C I like the picture. It's AWESOME!! I want to take a Pic But I can't find the camera! :| Maybe later...
Anyway! I better go.. I'm feeling a Lot of Pain in my neck and Knees! Later LOVES!
Don't GIVE UP!
XOXO,Pamela, AKA The Faith girl. :)  Have a Awesome Rest on the Week!!

My BABY! Paco, on My pillow.  


YES,My Blog is My WORLD! 




  1. I loved reading this... glad to hear your puppy was alright. You should post a picture of your T. Swift laptop skin (with no laptop ;) ha ha)!

    ...keep posting, girl! xoxo

  2. ASHLEY! Omgh, It's Been forever, Thank you! :) You made my DAY! Yeah, I found The camera So I think I will post a Pic today or tomorrow!! :) HAHA! I'm so Crazy! :P
    Aww! I will!
    XOXO, God BLESS, Pamela


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