Tuesday, March 1, 2011

How I'm doing?

Hey Everyone!
Hello to the Amazing Country of Canada! 
I don't know what's going on with me but my hands are hurting a Lot right now So I wanted to post about what's Up with me. I have been in pain a lot more and my whole sleeping pattern is so off. It's been all Messed up for the last two weeks.
Dr Huff put me back on methotrexate And upped two of my Meds. Then we will see what we do After That, I will see him in 3 Weeks. And we stopped the trigger point shots for now. Let's See How this Goes! Just this Pain is kinda Getting Worse as in like, more in some spots and just so painful! I have been in bed, Reading & Listening to music, Reading Health Things <-- that's My fav thing to do! And Been watching Tv, I'm just Nuts for Cheers and The new Merlin. :P And since my Sleeping is Off, I take tiny micro-Naps during the day! I KNOW, Bad.. :( But when Your in pain and Nothing Helps, not even The tens machine is working. I went walking today, (my mom pushed me) so I will see how I feel tomorrow! :| thanks Mumsy  ;-}
My Weekend was Good. AND  the Oscars were Amazing! All my Friends are saying, I should have talked more about James Franco! I told them, This is a Family BLOG!!
One Book, I'm a nut for is! "Walking Israel: A Personal Search for the Soul of a Nation By Martin Fletcher" It's amazing, I'm almost done with it, I can't put it down, No matter how you feel about these issues, He wrote  it in a Perfect way.  it's REALLY GOOD! So I would Love to post a Review on it, maybe I will. Let's see How I am.. 
I'm kinda worried about my Health, still!  because on methotrexate my immune system goes really low. And I Seem to catch any bug floating around,  but my Blood Dr said I should be ok. :D (so i'm keeping the FAITH!) Faith Makes the World go round!
OOOOOhhhh my throat hurts! ugh.. Time to go!
God Bless, Have a Awesome day & Night!

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