Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Visit The Mysterious Doorstop!

Hey Everyone!
so I was Really Thinking that lately the Blog is too Much about myself, so this post is about My Brother Paul's Blog, He started a blog, not too long ago. There are lot reasons You should  follow Him: A. He's very Funny And B. I'm very Proud of Him! C. If you want some cheering up and No more disease Talk, follow his Blog! I Love most of his posts, But anyway, He's funny And is Plain AWESOME! :D
By the way I have Two Brothers, One Pat And The Other, Paul. love Them!
Paul's Blog is The Mysterious Doorstop 
Maybe The best One around, Better then mine even!
LOL! I'll be doing a normal post in a Little While But go look at My brothers You will totally love it! :D

God Bless! XOXO -Pamela

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