Saturday, February 19, 2011

Taking on the Issue of Pain.

Hello ALL! 
How is Everyone???  
Shout Out to My besties, Sole & Sari & Lusi & Indonesia, My Friends are the Best, we talk almost Everyday! And I have been Getting a Lot of Views from Indonesia. at lease 15 a week! Want to welcome  new guests, a big HELLO~ :) 
Next Blog post, I will Pick another Country!  
This Faith loving girl, has been in Pain.. I mean, lot of it!! I didn't Post The other Day because of it! 
Not much is happening, I have been at home A LOT!! not going out, Because I'm in pain, Let's see Thursday, I got my shots in my back, They hurt at First But I'm Ok. :) all my Bones hurt But the Worse Right now, Is my Hands again But Dr Huff if it keeps up I may have to get an MRI soon, It's been a Year, so I think, It's time also And my back as always, knees And Jaw, Plus I have been Feeling Really sick.. Like I have the Flu But worse! one day, I'm bad, The next I'm better! And I also have swollen Feet,hands,knees And all my Nodes are sticking out. But Then all this comes with my Diseases. Then I tell God. Please Lord, heal Me! 
I have this for a Reason. somehow, some way, I'm a better person with it. Yes, it sounds Nuts, but I AM!! God Loves me and He knows what He is doing, Just Think about that, If you're sick also or in Pain. Your Not Crazy, Or anything. You have this For a REASON!!! Think about it, I had to.. Comment On the Blog or Email me, If You want to tell me If You found Your Reason, I think I will Tell YOU ALL My reasons in the NEXT Blog post!!
Then I have been watching my TV shows & movies & Been At home. 
My Mom's been having Tests a Lot of tests this week, But she's been ok, so far! I'm just kinda Worried about her. so Prayers for her Please!
One show I love Right now, Is "Chicago Code" It's a New show, I love it!  It's really Good and "House" has been Really Good also and Been reading a Tons of books, I love it. 
I was kinda Mad at The Grammys Because Justin Bieber Lost twice But he did a Awesome SHOW! :D & Lady Antebellum Won 5 Grammy's. That was The BEST thing EVER!! if You see on The side here, I got a Mixpod. It's Pretty Cool! You can add songs & it mixes. Love it!! And It's ended all already.. 
Real Madrid Played today, and they WON! :D SO Proud of Them, It was a AWESOME game! :D   
My Pain People, Keep going! And FIGHT the PAIN!! we can Do this Together!! Keep The faith!! 
Lord of the rings is on. The Return of the KING! my Fav movie EVER!
I'm about to Go rest And Watch Lord of Rings with Paco. I'm so very Tried....
Good Night And God Bless, My Wonderful Readers! 
Y'all are The Best! <3
Happy Presidents day!! 


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