Wednesday, February 9, 2011

THE SUPER BOWL From TEXAS!! (The special)

HEY Everyone! 
How was your Super BOWL!!???  
From Down south, TEXAS BABY! the one and ONLY! :D 
My Super Bowl was TEXAS SIZE! we went to Church! :D It was AMAZING! I love going to Church, God is so GOOD! :D and Just always there for me! :D My Grandparents Had a BBQ! I have to tell you, it was SO GOOD! My Grandpa Got better at it! it was so tasty! even now Thinking about it.. YUM!! Then My Cousin had Brought some Football cup cakes and a Cake, 

They were so GOOD! then the Show started! Ok, Lea Michele sang "America the Beautiful"  it was AWESOME! She was the BEST out of EVERYONE I think, and I don't even Like Glee. Ok, Then Christina Aguilera sang "The Star Spangled Banner" it was just NASTY! she was like AHhh ahhh!! With high and Low notes... I was like someone stop Yelling! Then she messed it The words up! and we all know she just showed the whole world she's not American because if she is, she would know the Words.. LOL! I'm sorry But you don't mess that UP!!! That's why everyone is all upset! sorry girl, apologizing doesn't always help! It sometimes makes it worser!  The Game was just GREAT! :D i couldn't stop watching it! I did for a Bit to get some chips & Dip. 
I was going for the steelers! My Brother and My two Little Cousins. everyone else was Green BAY! I can see why they won now! LOL! They have a Lot of Fans!! and Cheese Heads!  LOL! So The commercial,  I loved this year WAS!  There was two! I keep laughing AT! One with Kenny G! From Audi, It's SO FUNNY! And One From Doritos - Pug Attack It's awesome! :D This so My DOG! 
The HALF Time show was POOP! and The Black Eyed Peas, should we say the Nasty Eyed your LAST year, peas. Come on, Slash should have told them, I DID that years ago with U2!!!! haha and It was THE SAME SONG!!! FYI your not Tron...I mean come on!! Then Usher wasn't even singing at all! and he used a CD...WHAT THE WHAT!! have some Pride,IN what you do!!  
"The Who" was Better last year!! And I Knew More Of Their Songs! And The Best show EVER was U2!! when They were on There in 2002! :) They were the BEST! I was 11 at the Time, But I will never forget it! Ok, so Bottom Line I didn't' like it one BIT! If You did! tell me why??? then I was so into the GAME! :D and eating chips still. then!!! Green bay was Making more touchdowns!! Then The steelers! I was like! AHH! It went down to the wire! Then THAT WAS IT! Green Bay wooon!!
IT was AWESOME! ahhh! :D Here is a PIC of the MVP at Disney World!

then we helped Clean and came home! everyone on Twitter and Facebook was Like Where were you??? I was said I was with My Family! :D I had a Lot of FUN! :D I needed that! and My Pain was Pretty good. Not to much! :D so That's Great! :D So I will Be postingAnother Post SOON! so Look out for it! 
and I also got my Own,FACEBOOK page! :D It doesn't have a Pic of anything Yet, But Like it if You can! :)
God Bless! Good Night! It's Now 9:30 and I'm watching ROCKY III
The song I picked for the week, Is my FAV! "Never Alone" By Barlow Girl, This song and God Got me helped with some tough times with my Pain, It's a Beautiful song. :) 
Love y'all! :D

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