Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Perfect Day!

Hey everyone! How was Your weekend??? 
Mine was Really Good. :D Saturday, was just EPICALLY AWESOME!! This was My Saturday! it was REALLY GOOD! :D My Dad Had told us to go get him a Subway and Take it to Him before the Lady Antebellum Concert and He only Got one tickets and I just said oh That's Great! :D So I got off at Subway and I fell! on Black ice! omgh.. and I hit my head I fell Hands down right on my knees. It was Horrible
so Then I Got the Subway, My Mom was so Worried about! I kept telling her I'm FINE!! I was like why is she so worried?? lol. So we got to The Rodeo were My dad was at. :D 
Then My Mom Says get out! I said what?!?!? Why?!?! I'm not going, Then my Dad Said, I got you a TICKET! you going to See to the Concert! I said!! OMGH! AHHH!! I was so SURPRISED!!  I got off and I said Bye Mom! and she was laughing! :D we walk into The The Rodeo were They would be The show! :D after the Rodeo stuff. so Dad got me a Soda :D and I was Chatting His ear off as always Then the Rodeo Started and In between It, I fell asleep! HAHA! My Dad said Had a Good Nap?? i said kinda, My Back is hurting where I fell. Now It's been Hurting all WEEKEND and Monday and Tuesday. anyway! 
THEN They said Lady Antebellum Is NEXT! :D I SAID OMGH!! AHHHH! :D
I was so Ready for them to come out! Then they DID! AHHH! Here are The pics! :D


They played all My favs, It was Awesome! I will never Forget it! They ROCKED! And They Played a New Song, It was GREAT! I was like ahhh! They Whole time! I forgot about my Pain for a While. :D 
so Happy They could do that! Then It was over, I didn't want it to end!Them we walked around the rodeo, It was Packed! because we saw the Show at 1:00 and the another one at 7:00. 
so That was My Last Saturday! I thought, I would Tell Y'all about it! :D   
The Perfect Saturday with My Dad! :D he's the best! 
I love my Dad. :) 
XOXO, God Bless! 
Pamela <3 

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