Thursday, February 24, 2011

Painful Reasons to me!

Hi Everyone! :D
Hope Your pain is getting better! :D 
And Hello to My Readers in Colombia!! 
or Hola! :P
My pain has Not been good at ALL! 
It's Been Really Bad.. 
In my hips, Hands,Knees. I will say this now! 
I'm not Your Normal girl and 
This isn't Your Normal RA/Fibro/Lupus/SS/IBS/Stills Blog!
Because I'm about to Tell you all! 
That My GOAL in Life is to just be Happy & Love God for 
The rest of my Life & Get Better!! 
Anyway.. some people told me, 
I'm not Talking about, Your Normal Health blog stuff.. uhh??? 
I'm not NORMAL Girl! as In, I have arthritis.. 
Who in the world Has That?? And at My age?? well, 
I DO! :D I'm PROUD f it BABY! LOL! ok. well, moving on! 

What is My pain Reason?? well... *mmm.??? Thinking* 
What is a pain Reason,
Why You Think Your Pain came? 
And what was Your Dream before it came!
My Support is God! and My Family & Friends.
My Dream was to Be a Chef, 
Long story Short, I Wanted to be one for so LONG 
and I fought with myself, 
till Dr, Huff Said I had to give it up!
But Now I see, If I had done it. 
Something unhealthy would have Happened,
Like I would Have Gone to 
College for Cooking And Had gotten Sicker or broken something. 
I just have this Feeling Like something would have Happened. 
There is a REASON for everything~

What Caused it for me.. a Lot of things, 
Both my Grandmothers have Osteoporosis,
My Dad's Side, My Grandmother has skin Lupus 
And Her sister has RA & Lupus. 
My Mom's Side my Grandmother has Fibro... 
and bad Knees Run in that Family also 
And Autoimmune diseases run in my Family also Both sides!
7 And Up, I was sick a LOT! 11 & 13 were the 
Worst years for me! 
My IBS and RA were Full blown At the time But my Dr's 
didn't know at The time, 
I Don't see those Dr's anymore. 
My Great,Grandmother Died ,( I was 14 then) 
And at The time my Pain got a Lot worser,
I had a Super Bad Flair up when she died. I don't know.. 
what really caused it. Nothing Bad Really Happened to me. 
But who knows, Our Bodies are so Crazy sometimes. Lol.. 
But I Trust God More then anything, You Have to ALSO! 
he's there to hear you! he listens to you, Believe me! 

I haven't been posting That much, Lately because of my Hands! 
But I hope to Blog more, The weather has been Bad.. :\ Gross! 
I saw my Family this Past Week, I missed those Little KIDS!! 
I went shopping yesterday, I had fun..
But my knees were not helping at ALL! :( 
I was kinda in a Hurry! and Then The whole time,
 i'm saying in my head, I don't like not being Able to wear high heels!!
 but I guess, It's ok.. LOL! 
The Spurs won yesterday! YAY! :D 
& Real Madrid won on Tuesday!! 
my Teams ROCK!! 
I will be doing a Oscar POST! XD! Of who I think, I will win! :D 
Kinda Can't wait! I'm working Really hard ON IT! :D 
I'm done for Now! I will be doing random posts all Week. :)
I love to just write! And talk to you! :)  
God Bless! 
XOXO,Pamela,AKA The Faith girl! :D     

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