Saturday, February 12, 2011

Being Strong

Hey Everyone!
How is Your Saturday Night??
Mine is kinda Ok, watching "The GodFather" But I'm sick.... Been having Fevers and In pain and Just Plan sick, But Even If I'm sick, I will still go to Church Tomorrow, something I can't Miss. :D
Been Having a Tough week, doing Random Posts about My Days and My Most Fun Days. :D It keeps me to be The way I am, This Pain has been really bad. It's Just a Lot sometimes, too Much But story of My Life. But Pain I think, Makes You more YOU! :D I use to be Like every other Teenage Girl, Now I'm not. Just not because Of My Arthritis, Because I also Have have Fibro, Lupus, still's Disease, The works And I take 10 meds a Day, and I have a Great Family and Bunch Friends who are Like my sisters, even if we all Do Live somewhere else and Not in the same city. somehow I'm not The same way I use to be, The Pain Makes You Stronger,But In Yourself and in every other way.  The Longer You have had it, The More Stronger You become. Because somehow There are Things I never Thought I could do But Now, I'm taking Shots Everyday for My health, Just to get The Pain Under control. Believe Me, I Told My Mom, The Only way I will Take shots everyday is if there is Nothing else, and here I am. I have Tried everything. If The shots stop Helping Next will Be some cancer type meds, But I don't Think so, because The shots seem to be helping, It's Just The weather is messing me up. :\ But Besides Being sick,
Yesterday Was Mom's Birthday! :D  I got her some earrings. she Loved them! My Dad got her some Awesome stuff. :D she's The best Mom in the world and puts up with Me :D  Lol. and my Moods! :P
Really There is No one like her. :D
everything has been good. :D Just The pain and Been sick.. and The weather! I need my BEACH! just one more MONTH! Till April, It will start Getting Hot.
My cousins Were so Funny Yesterday, They were at Mom's Party Dinner. :D I love Talking with Them. One of them Just couldn't Get Over the Fact I knew Her Mom when she was Little.. haha! then she said, You are old! hahaha! I Said, No, Your Mom is Young! :D Then we were talking about Dr Seuss. She goes How do You know who he is?? I said when I was Younger, that's all I read. I told My Brothers, I Feel so old.. hahah!
anyway, I better go rest, I'm feeling sick again. Mom wants to take me to The Dr on Monday.. NOO!!! some Valentines Day.. Oh well! This Year, My Valentines Is Dad, My Brothers and My mom and Paco. :D kinda Lame, But unless Your Married It's Not a Big deal. As long as Mom And Dad Are Happy, I am! :D
have a Great Sunday Tomorrow! and Happy Valentines Day! :)
XOXO God Bless, Pamela



  1. wow Pam you had a rough week. I pray very hard that you have a better one. Your mom must be strong to have a strong daughter. You are a cool chic!
    Have a better week! and Happy Valentine's Day. I hope I get chocolate! Your lucky you got a family...

  2. Thank you so Much Anon! lol. :) I did! I hope you, do TO! :D I do! :D
    XOXO God Bless, Pamela <3


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