Saturday, January 15, 2011

Risk And FIGHT!

Good day Mates! :) 
I'm so Ready for the Australian Open! But it's so sad, b/c all that rain is going on.. it's so odd!! And in Brazil also, My friends that Live there, are all Fine. :) 
Listen to what happen to me! Last Monday I went to Get My Trigger shots.. and I had a Bad allergeric reaction to demerol, so Good Thing I was Near the Dr's office and They took care of ME. :) I love My Dr's For that! They told me I could take it one day and not The Next, That Happens sometimes, And yup It happened to me. It was Scary, I just had some Breathing trouble and I couldn't feel my Legs and I was Out of it. No more demerol for me! I told some People and They are Like you could have died.. I could But Just taking all These meds can Kill me and Having all These Disease so Just My Daily life is a Risk, or anyone who is chronically ill. Believe Me, I'm really blessed!! And all People who are FIGHTING  back!! It's Time to Say, It's ON DISEASE!!!! and Fight it!! I don't Like my shots.. at ALL!! But If I stop them, I know. I can end Up in wheelchair and IN my bed for life... I don't want that at all! it's Like Telling me, Pamela your life is over.. WHAT!!!!???! My Dad always Told me to Fight it, No matter WHAT! and I am! Right now, It's cold and Rainy here and It's snowy almost Everywhere But here! But I want My fellow disease fighters To Fight with me!  It's Just time for us, to Say if our meds are not working, and believe me This shot does not work all the time, Like today. 
this Pain that we all HAVE! and Yes,There our So many types of pain!! It needs to Kinda END NOW! it's so ODD how, they say we all Over use Pain Meds. like we shouldn't take them everyday,Or Just take them 3 times Yet they don't HELP! and That's all some people HAVE! WELL HELLO people OUR Meds DO NOT WORK!! work On our meds to be better! or Try to helps us MORE!! Tell our Doctor's to DO MORE! i'm sorry if I'm going on! But It's time I let this OUT! :) remember it's Time to FIGHT IT!! :D
Also... My REAL MADRID Is doing Great! :D I love my Soccer! 
Then the weather has Been NUTS!! Cold and cold Then Now cold and Rainy.. it's so gross! I don't Like going out! Good, Thing I'm at home. :D I just want snow! But we Never get any! But I can HOPE!!
Not too Much is Going on, Just having some Trouble sleeping but It's more Like Dreams are keeping me up, But I use to Drink tea for it so I'm doing that again. It helps :D and there is This New show called "House of Anubis' I like It so far! it's so Scary But it cool, I know it's on Nickeloden But I like it!! it keeps you on your seat! I can't guess what's Coming and every time I do, I'm wrong! BAHAHA! and The Spurs,My BASKETBALL TEAM! :D are doing so good.! :D i'm so PROUD OF THEM! :D
Have a Great Weekend! Pain Free, I hope! :D 
Real Madrid plays Sunday! :D 
XOXO God Bless,
Pamela <3

P.S. I love this Song! And Remember to Not have time for your pain! :D <3 


Have a Awesome weekend! 


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