Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I'm on Break from my PAIN!

Hey Everyone!
it's the 5th today! WOW! It's FLYING By!! Sorry, I haven't Blogged! I have been Busy! being a Nurse and! feeling BETTER! :D I don't have that Much pain, I'm not wearing my pain patches and I DID NOT NEED my Trigger shots this weeks! I didn't See Jerry!  I'm FLYING on AIR! :D I'm so HAPPY! :D I'm really Happy My Anakinra is Working out!! Yes, I will Try to do a Post on Anakinra!! I think, Y'all need to read up on it!! and the weather has Been messy and I'm still doing good! some pain but nothing like 2 weeks ago! what I call, ER PAIN!! But now I feel Like I take on the WORLD! HAHA! but let's see! I wanted to go shopping yesterday But Mom was Feeling sick, so I was the Nurse! I needed a Change, LOL! But she's getting better. :) so I'm happy to say I'm on Break from my PAIN! :D Dad And Mom and Brothers Have been so Supporting! Just Listening to me go on! Haha!
The Pain Being gone for a Bit Feels Bittersweet, Because I'm Just waiting for it, to come back and Say i'm BACK! and I'll say, Bring it ON, Punk! HAHAH! :P But the Truth, I'm just waiting for it to come back, But! I'm praying and Hoping and just saying It won't come back! and to tell the Truth, I'm not resting or anything! I made Dinner on Monday and I'm still doing stuff. :D I'm just not going walking, it's so COLD!
Right now, I'm in pain With My Neck and Knees! But It's a Little Bit! :D I'm Going to Fight this! And it's also very COLD outside... I also want to go make some Breakfast then watch my Soccer games! :D
GO BARCA!! And  Arsenal Plays in one hour after The Barca Games starts and so I'll be changed it back and Forth, Real Madrid Plays tomorrow! WHOOP WOOP! :D LOL!  And The Spurs Play tonight! :D
Love y'all! :D Have a Great day!And PS The Song Playing is my New JAM! :D 
God Bless!
-Pamela <3


  1. I'm SOOOOOO happy your pain is gone Pam!

  2. Awww! Thanks Annie! :D Your so Sweet! Happy New year! :)


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