Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Doing ok?!

Hello My wonderful people!
How's Everyone?? I'm good.. Just in pain Right now, I'm not getting, any Trigger shots this week, I need a Break From Them. I don't want to hurt, This One Body, I have and last week scared me Enough. Lol. But for Real!! it did.. ok, I have to Stop thinking about it.. :O
anyway! besides Being in Pain and I'm also having headaches.. NO,Not Paco (My Dog!) Because he can be one. Lol  But maybe It's this odd weather, It's Like cold Then Hot then Cold again! Huh?!? who has That weather, Oh we do In Texas! I'm just Hoping That it will Just get COLD and Stay COLD! Ugh, I have Been a Punk to Mom today.. I wanted some Food and She goes what Do You want?!?! I told Her I don't KNOW! Just get me something!! she Goes, Pamela!! and then I stopped and Said can you just Get a Burger?? she said yes! It's Just a day, Where I start acting Like I'm 15 again and i'm 19! almost 20, My Birthday Is in 5 Months.. I know!! I feel Old! And I have to Stop acting a Like Punk Or brat or Child, The List can Go on and On. Some times, I'll Think I forgot My teen Hood, because I was Sick a Lot and I was In worser Pain, then I'm In now But still that's No reason!! believe Me, I'm not Your Normal person But Most people Know that! I'm a Odd short Girl who is a dreamer and Believes In God More then anything, if weren't the way I am, I would Be a nut. But still I Shouldn't act Like that! I feel Bad.. Like REALLY BAD!!
My Parents say I have a Lot of Will To beat These Diseases! I didn't Think they were Right till My Dr's, Nurses and Friends started saying The same thing! Sometimes, I don't know, how I'm alive because For So Long I thought I wasn't going to Make it! The pain Felt so BAD! But then came The Anakinra Shot! and So far, It's HELPING! :D If It stops Helping.. let's Not Think, that!!
But Having 6 Disease Is No Big Deal! I love Just forgetting about it! and then there are some days I feel Like It's written on my Head. Sorry, I'm going On again. Lol. I have been Doing That a LOT lately.
Pain and Headaches are a Bad Combo. It just Gets Me upset, That I can't take It away! I'm such a Kid sometimes. I just want It gone.
I haven't Seen my Family, we Have Been Busy at Home and I have been Feeling sick a lot, Like I'm coming down With something.  Maybe Next week, I Just Miss The Kids, More then anything, somehow I just Do! those little One's keep me going.
Oh and My fav tennis Players Made it to The 2st Round! :D AHHH!
PLUS, Real Madrid Plays This Week... I can't WAIT!!! And I hope, I can Go to My Fav Burger Place, They have Great Burgers
God Bless, Have a Great Day! :D
XOXO, Pamela


  1. To QueenAnnie,
    Well,I have Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis (JRA), Fibromyalgia,(IBS) Irritable bowel syndrome & Sjogren's Syndrome & asthma, Lupus & Still's Disease.
    It's in my Bio also, Where it says The faith Girl.
    XOXO God Bless,Pamela :)


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