Saturday, January 29, 2011

Crying for the pain and for a champion!

Hi Everyone! 
Reasons For Me Not Blogging... Hands have been hurting like CRAZY!! That's the Only Reason! So I went to The Dr's this past Tuesday, it was my day to Go Mess with my Dr.. haha :P And Jerry and The Nurses.  I'm Healthy, besides the Normal Stuff and I told him how Much My Hands and knees have been hurting me, He said He wants to wait and see if it's The Normal Arthritis Or if my erosions are Getting Worser, I hope not! And he wants to try another Medicine with The Anakinra.. I forgot the name Plus I don't want to Mess the amount of meds, because It's Helping right now and my some of my Blood Work was Off But it always Is, so It was ok. Then It was Time For my shots With Jerry... I was just in Pain When I got them and No demerol this Time.. I didn't want anything Either, for pain I'm Only using the Tenn's and My Pain Patch.. still in pain But I have Fibro so I always Will be pain, I guess and It's Not that Bad. But I still want to be Out of pain! :D My weeks have been Good, It's been Cold at Night and hot in The Day, only in TEXAS! but for some Reason I have had some days Where I Can't even Walk, it hurts so MUCH! and I'm walking Like an Old Woman (nooo offense).. Dr told me to take some Extra med and To Write down How many Days it Happens.. It has Happened in 2 days both Different weeks.  I post This Stuff Because I want y'all to know, What's Up with me! :D lol.
The Australian open was so SAD! :( on Wednesday for my Fav, Rafael Nadal, He lost! :( I was Crying.. because he was crying also! he's The world Number ONE and he lost because He got hurt but like Rafa he Never stopped playing and Played till the end.. I was Shocked! who Does That?!?! He's a true Champion, the reason he cried and I did with him was because He would Have Won all Four Grand Slams in one year, That Had Been Done before But Not Since 1964... But He got Hurt and Couldn't Run so the other Guy Won,  so He didn't do It.. The Final Is Being Played Tonight for us in The USA at 2:30 AM! But I have been a Fan of His Forever, For 5 years! I love To watch him Play, So when He Lost I just cried with him, it was So sad.. I wanted him To win so BAD! My Family always Knows, When his match is Because I always Say Rafa this And Rafa THAT! :P But He Lost Like a Champion... He didn't Give up, Just Kept on Going, It was odd Because Mom had Just Put me in Bed That Night Because I was walking Like a Old Woman.(nooo offense). and Couldn't Move. Seeing Him do what he does, Made me Just want to Say I CAN  FIGHT this!!! Really, That's Why I love Sports!!! Not to Many Things are Like This..
And Also.. This Past Week I have Been Sleeping a Lot, And Getting low fevers Still, Dr Said, My Fevers are Normal for What I have, If They get too High to Call him.  
SO yesterday I got  Postcard From My best Friend,Lusi! It's Amazing! she lives Near Bali, and it's so Pretty, I asked Her if I could Post it and she said YES! Here's the Pic! :D 

Pretty AWESOME!  
And I have My Team Plays Tomorrow :D REAL MADRID! 

I want To Post More this week about Some New stuff in Fibro and Some new Studies that came Out This Week. 
I better Go, Have a Great Sunday! 
And I hope pain -Free! 
God Bless, XOXO Pamela <3 

                                                             Pics That I LOVE! 



  1. I'm sorry to hear your hands have been hurting. :( :( :(

  2. I've been having the same problem with my hands. Haven't been able to knit or type much. You know my daughter has JRA and sometimes she can't walk bc the joints in her feet and ankles get all swollen. What happens when you can't walk? She also gets fevers and head-aches w flare you also? I don't know anyone else w JRA (is that what u have?)

  3. to Annie, Thank you girl! They just always hurt.. But I maybe having a MRI on them soon.
    XOXO God Bless, Pamela.

  4. To QueenAnnie,btw I love your Name,
    ohh noo.. I'm so sorry! when I can't walk, My Mom doesn't take me out or I stay in car But sometimes I just have to go out, If it's a Family Thing or or something. I get a Lot of Fevers and Headaches also, Yes it's comes with the Flare ups. But I also have still's Disease so That's causes migraines, Really bad ones. Yes, I have Had JRA since I was 13 maybe younger because I was sick a Lot But My Dr said was Official when I was 18. It took forever.
    I hope she's ok! tell Her HI!
    XOXOX God Bless,Pamela
    PS Sorry, I took so long, I always reply fast But Lately I have been out of it & being in bed a lot doesn't help! <3


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