Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Hey Everyone,
For My family This is a Sad night, My Cousin MJ, my Cousin , she Has Been Fighting Cancer I told My Friends On Twitter, I thought Maybe She would Beat It But She Has stomach cancer.. My Dad Told Us tonight She wants to Go home To Heaven, To Our Father God, There is Nothing else They can Do for her.. She has Only Had it for 3 MONTHS!! and It just Got so bad! :( I hate Cancer so Bad! It has token so many People in My Family, My Great Aunts, My Great Grandpa and two Friends, so Many Are Fighting to Beat this.. They can, she Just Lost her Battle, I Just Hope My Cousins, Her Daughters can Move on, It must Be so hard for them, But I told Them When I saw them two weeks ago and She there also that Day, I love them and I'm here for them! So right now, She's On here way to God.... Everyone Saw her But I didn't But Maybe It's Better, Who Knows. I just Feel Numb...
 I have to Go See Dr Huff For My Normal Check up and Jerry About The Shots tomorrow, They ARE WORKING! :D The Anainra, I mean! :D  I just Haven't Been Saying Anything Because I don't want them to stop Working. Lol! But Keep Praying! and I want to Post My Last song Review But I may do it After The New Years, When I have time and I can Write Not Just Copy and Paste something. sometimes I do that! and Just add my Own stuff But I want to Write this all! :D I can't Even Laugh, I'm just Siting Here Listening to U2, I can't even Talk to My Best friends, I'm just in Shook, sometimes You Think, When I say I want to Die! Because Of Pain! If I did! How I would Make all My Family Feel?? I take It Back, A Million Times Over! I can't Believe I said That 3 times to My Family when I was in so Much Pain!! I feel so bad! :(  JUST bad! :( They said It was Ok and They Forgive me but still! 
 I'm going to Try to Sleep! Good Night Everyone, Prayer for My Family and about The med! Please! 
God bless! XOXO <3 Pamela <3 

P.S Marry Christmas,Feliz Navidad, Feliz Natal! In Case I can't Post! I don't want what's Going to Happen. Love You ALL! 





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  1. Oh dear. I am so, so sorry & will be praying for your whole family. :(


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