Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Pain and Happiness! :)

Hi Everyone!
Sorry For being MIA!! I really Missed my BLOG! and My Readers, I didn't Think anyone Read it till someone on Twitter said, I MISS YOUR BLOG! I said, Oh Man, I HAVE TO BLOG! :D but Lately I have been  Busy with my Dad and family and PAIN!! But Now I am Making Time to BLOG! :D
So Real Madrid Lost To Barca That was 2 weeks ago. What Can I say?!? Barca is AMAZING! CR7 Just Didn't do his Best, Next time. :) But we won This week. :D we play tomorrow. :D I really can't wait. :D Barca played today, I saw it so I could Gerard, He's my Fav Defender! :D Next to Xavi and Xabi and Nope, they aren't Brothers, Lol!! One's on Barca and The other on Real Madrid. :D and Then My Fav Soccer Player Fernando Torres and His Wife, she's so sweet, had a their Baby yesterday! I was LIKE AHHH! he missed His Match For it But Liverpool Still won! :D  Other Fav team and MCU won today to! :D Soccer always makes me HAPPY! :D It's Like My Hobby, I can't wait to start playing it again! My friend and Nurse of Dr Huff Jerry Says I have to do something, like Running or walking or sport, so I think, I may start Playing again when It's warm Outside. :)
So Right now, I'm doing ok.. Just flair up after flair up! And I'm getting migraines again! I had one today, It's been about 2 months Since My last one,It was NASTY! I just went to sleep. Plus I seem to be getting a LOT of Fevers I had 3 last night, and 2 today. and 10+ all Last week and this weekend I had so many!! Plus all the Meds Dr Huff wants to Put me for my Lupus and still's disease have to Get approved and They haven't yet, I'm seeing Him two Days before Christmas, But I have to go get something tomorrow from His Office So i hope I can Talk to him really Fast, because I need my MEDS NOW! I'm dieing here!! If he can just give me a simple or put me another one, I would be a HAPPY girl!! It's just because of My Fevers, I need my new meds! :( and I may have to go see Jerry and Get some shots, Because I'm in so much pain.. :( and my stiffness  is getting to me to! and I'm eating healthy! No fat! and I'm trying to be Stress free! Remember Stress makes RA and Fibro a Lot worser! and Lupus to, I think! But stress just above all! is not good for you! latley I have been Listening to Music a LOT! I tune out everything, My pain,Family,friends everything! I have Pray. relax and REST! It helps a Lot, I just make list of My Favs songs and It's On repeat! and ask Friends and Family, If You have a Lot in common, You may have the same Music Taste. My friends and I do! If I didn't ask around I wouldn't know a Lot of My favs Bands and singers.
I have been Reading a LOT! I'm done with Apolo Ohno's Book, No Regrets. It was good, I Love How Dad loves Him so Much and Did anything for him,  and He's sounds like an amazing Man, Apolo sounds Like he was a Good Kid, and Had Teen age things Like we all did! He really Loves what He does, and Cares about the Sport, I like That a Lot! and How He had to Find Out if that's what He wanted to do, and about the Olympics That was Awesome, I Love them so MUCH! But One thing!! he seems Really Humble But since I follow Him on twitter and I read his book, He's Not That Humble, He's Kinda Stick Up, I haven't met Him but he still seems that way it to me, Maybe I'm Judging him to Fast But to me, He really Needs to Work That and Remember where He came from, That's What My Fav Singer always says to Keep Himself Humble, I hope He reads This. Because I thought he was a Humble person But Now He seems to have changed.
right now I'm reading The Last Song, and yes, I will Tell Y'all ABOUT IT! It takes my Mind Off My Pain and Sickness! I watch so Many Movies, I may Make a Movie review Blog Or a Food Blog. :D I already have a Tumblr also and I have a LOT of Followers on there to. so I'm Thinking about making a Blog about either one! :)
OMGH!! I found Out The Arthritis Foundation Is having a walk here in My City, It's In April, My friend Amanda and I and My whole family are going to Do it! :D I can't wait! we are going to be team JRAPEEPS! :D My Foundation! :) I can't wait! :D I hope we raise a lot of Money for The AF :D They need it! :D
So I think that's all For now! I love Y'all! I hope to Blog More soon! :) time fore Bed! :)
God Bless Y'all! :) Have a Great night or Day!
XOXO Pamela <3


he's amazing! :) 


it WILL! 

These are My Favs! :) *healing hugs* My friend Tiff who is a Fellow Blogger also uses* Healing hugs*
I'm using it from her! LOL! I hope she doesn't Mind! LOL! 
God Bless <3 


  1. I don't think Apolo is stuck up,I think he has a alot of confidence that might come off as stuck up to some Just my opinion.I think his father reminds him where he came from if he does get that way.

  2. I can't wait to hear what you have to say about the Last Song! :)

  3. Met Apolo several times and have a bunch of friends who've met him several times in various settings. Stuck up is certainly not the impression any of us got. In fact, it's the complete opposite. He's very grounded and humble, knows he's been blessed and doesn't take anything for granted. He's just confident in his own abilities. I follow his twitter too and haven't seen anything there that could be construed as stuck up.

  4. Is it different from the movie or similar?

  5. Anon,Yeah. That's True About his Dad.
    OMGH!! Annie! I know right! I love it So FAR! :D I'm almost Done with It! I just Hope when I Blog about that I don't Get anyone upset. I haven't Seen the Movie Yet, I wanted to Read it First and Then see the movie. :)
    Anon, Oh well, That's Great, Like I said That's What I get and My friends also, Maybe IF I Meet Him, I would See a Different Guy. well, I Just see that he's nuts about Hollywood and He's Better Then Hollywood. Maybe he is Different, But I need to See It first.

    XOXO God Bless! Pamela <3

  6. I hope you feel better. So much pain you are going thru. I feel for you. Keep exercising.
    As for Apolo, that's what happens when U r in the public eye. U can't pleaze every1. I think ur opinion of him is good and that's what twitter and facebook are about.
    Ohno's book is great. And those talks to the young people are so good. Our country desperately NEEDS good role models like him.
    Keep blogging and always keep saying the truth. LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!!!!!!! STAY HEALTHY!;-)


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