Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My Sleepy Christmas, Dr who and Pain?!

Hi Everyone! or Hola a todos!!
I'm Getting a lot of hits from Other Countries, besides from The Great USA! :D like Belize, Spain, Mexico and so on! I know, Spanish so it would Be rude not to say HI!! 
How was Everyone's Christmas?? Mine was Good. I still have both sides of My Grandparents, Both SETS! They Let me sleep... on the couch, and On their Bed with the Heater on! Both sides, My Dad's and Mom's are use to me sleeping, right after everything! The food,The gifts,The family!! My Family is The BEST! sometimes My little Cousins, Just get My on my Fibro Nerves, go AHHH!! and Make me Jumpy!!! But I love them and I need them, I feel Like the Big Cousin still! and They all said, You look so Pretty! I said "aww..", Grndma is My Lupus Buddy, Lol!  and Smiled at them and Said I love you! they said we love you to! Kids are so Honest! they made my Day, And They got so Many gifts! I got Pj's! and forever 21, gift cards! :D  and Cross Necklace, SpongeBob Squarepants Poster! I love that Show, so Paco, My Doggie! :D No Joke! Then I got Slipper boots, They are the BEST! I wear them everywhere and to the Doctor's and They so Warm and Comfy! :) and mp3 player from Sony, I didn't want a ipod Because It's Lot of Money plus the Stuff for it,is also! Yuck! LOL! Ok, Then I took a nap after We Opened the Gifts here at home, Then Off to Grandma's House! so much FAMILY! all the Kids were so HAPPY! :D I just Put head phone on and just watched them while U2 and The Beatles played, (My Fav bands right now) Then we ate, Then the Gifts! Then My Nap then home! and 
THEN!! What I had Been waiting for ALL DAY! The Doctor Who: A Christmas Carol!! Yes, I am a Dr Who FAN!! If you don't know what It is, It's a UK show, The Longest running show ever!! and I watch it on BBC America, The New EP's and Syfi. I Love it! It's was amazing! Loved This one! It was Fun and Magical. And I can't wait for the NEW Season! I just Had a Sleepy Christmas! lol! I Slept a Lot! But I have to! It's so COLD! 
Then Sunday, Church was Great! My Cousin who is Studying to be a Nurse Gave me, My Anakinra Shot, I asked him, He did It fast! He's Really Good at it! :) I'm so Proud of him!  Then Later was MJ's wake... I didn't go. It was SUPER cold and I was in pain. It was Better.
Then Today we went to go See gulliver's travels. It was So CUTE! and Funny! I thought! But Jack Black is Losing his Touch, I think. Lol and I saw Tron Last Week, I loved olivia wilde in it, She's amazing as Always! :) she's a Great Actress! I liked it, and The Car part was AMAZING! I'm hug fan of Jeff Bridges. He was amazing Also But the Story line was Off, I thought!
LAST night was NASTY!! I was up till 3:00 am! I couldn't Sleep I had to much pain! :( I have My Ten's Pack on and My two patches on, and all My Meds and my Daily shots! Then after Added Some More Friends on Facebook, I passed out of Pain! :( on my Bed! right now My Legs fell Huge! and my hands are swollen! HUGE!! and Knees! :( I'll be in bed all Day!! I see it now! I'm going to Call Jerry right now so I can go see him tomorrow. 
Later My friends! 
God Bless! XOXO Pamela <3

P.S. I choose Fearless as My Song This week, Because I'm a Huge Taylor Swift fan! and 
I try to be Fearless with my Pain! 



My BEST Friend EVER!! Alisa, made this For me! My Fav Barca Player! she's so Sweet! :D 

The Beatles..


WHAT THE WHAT?!?!? BAHAHAH! Something to Cheer you UP! :D 


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