Friday, December 31, 2010

Ending of The YEAR 2010!

So Today is New Year's Eve! I can't Believe it! I have Pushed Through SO MUCH! we all DID this Year! EVERYONE.. and then we should all Start singing "come Together now", By The Beatles! so This Year, I made it alive Through This Year! I Lost My Cousin, And Some Friends Left and New friends Came! and Spain WON the world Cup! :D and I was put on tons of meds, None worked But Now I have Some New Hope for This YEAR! On Wednesday I walked a Bit!! I was so PROUD of MySelf! AHHH! With Dad and Mom And Brothers and Jerry telling me "to Just go DO IT!!" and I DID! And Today I didn't want to Do my Anakinra Shot! I'm getting Sick OF SHOTS! :(  But I just told My Self, Ok, PAMELA! You have to do THIS! Let's GO! and I did it.. Believe me! When I started this Year, I thought, I'm going to Give up and Not MAKE IT! :( BUT I MADE IT! :D so Here's to TONS of Hope that 2011 will be a LOT BETTER! :D I know God Will Be amazing To me! and to all of My Family and Friends and Readers. :)

My Readers! :) God BLESS YOU ALL! BE SAFE!
I'm off to Grandma's House to BLOW UP FIREWORKS! :D
XOXO Pamela,

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  1. Happy New Year! I'm very happy that you seem to be in such high spirits! :D


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