Sunday, December 19, 2010

Anakinra shots!

Hey All My friends!
This week  has been so Rough!! Just ask My Mom, Dad, Jerry or  My Brothers...!! It's my First Day on Anakinra! OMGH!! I Know.. I Feel Ok, A Little Out of Breath a Lot, and I'm just Sitting Down, But I think it's me. I Hope!
Let's Start!! Last Week, Dr Huff told His Nurse to tell me!! I want You on Akakinra.. That's THAT! I called CVS and told Them I need This med Like NOW!  And My Mom was Dealing with Them Too! Then they said Well, It's Done, Mom Said Ok, So we can go get it??? she said No, It's at another Place and To call them and all this stuff. Then They Said It was at Dr Huff's Office and I just Had to Pick it up, so we went and Got it, $50 co-pay lotta cha-ching! Then I got my MED!! :D  today I was about to Take it!  I was so HAPPY!

I couldn't DO IT! 
I was Getting the Shot Ready and I told Mom, I can't do it!!  Because You can See the Needle! It's almost Like insulin, Mom Says ok, we have to go See Jerry anyway. I bet he can help you.. and Like always he DID! its just with enbrel, they put a cover over the Needle! 
He just Didn't Show it! I did My Own shot! he made me do it! and I did it! He was Proud of me! Mom Was to and Dad and I was! I just Kept thinking 'what Did I get Myself into!' But I just Hope It works! 
It takes about 12 weeks to Fully start working! Let's HOPE! and Pray and HAVE FAITH! 
Then Jerry Gave Me, My Trigger Point Shots and My Demerol shot and Some  pain Shots in my hips He was Busy Yesterday! I was like omgh! when He put it in Then ahhh... when I feel The med Helping me! I DO Believe In these Shots, I just Wish they Last longer!! But Jerry's Trying Everything and all These Weather changes don't Help at all!! and I see Them Everywhere! My Friend Carol In Brazil said You can come Down Here next Winter, she is in SUMMER! down there.. I just MAY!! it's way! to cold for me sometimes here! all US. RA's,Lupus's,Fibro,Still's,SS, or anyone in PAIN, Should GO! That would be FUN! :D 
Anyway, Then I went to my Grandma's House On Thursday, some Family Came in For The Holidays so Went to Go see them, Then I was Outside with my little Cousins and I was talking to the other cousins and Then I got hit in Back with a Football!!! I just want to pass out!! but I'm ok, now.
Then Yesterday I did My Shot again and I took pics!

Then I put it in The Left or Right side of my Tummy, it hurts when you Put it in Because it's cold, Then It goes away But It seems to Be working, i'm not That Stiff, But It takes 12 weeks to get the FULL affect. So I'm hoping! :) And I was Using my TENS machine all Day, Then My Family Had a cake for one Of my Cousin's, I was a lot of pain at one Point! But I was fought it and I was Ok, we came Home. Today Was Ok, I Slept Late! And again I saw my family! we all had Lunch together! FUN! :P I took my Shot again, I have to, EVERYDAY!  My Brothers Helped me, My mom Was out shopping! :D LOL! They were Like Your Going to Slow,Hurry up!! I said, Hello! I'm the One putting it in and Feeling it! so Hush! They are where Laughing! I was Telling My whole Family about it and They where Like we Have to See you do it!! I think, on Christmas day, They may see me do it! It's Gross at First But Now I'm use to it and Proud of My self, My Dad and Mom And Brothers and Jerry said I'm doing Great! and They are all Proud of me! I needed to Hear that! Like I said, I didn't want to do it! But Then I go mad and Told My self! I'm Fighting this And I want to Beat it! These Disease's WILL NOT Beat Me!!  So it's Worth doing The Shots. I must Get this under control
Right now I'm Off to Bed, I'm posting This Later today/Sunday  But right now It's 12:05 and I'm TIRED! :( Dragging.. Lol!  
God Night and God Bless! :) <3  
XOXO Pamela


My Favs! :D 

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