Saturday, November 6, 2010

Thinking and Praying this weekend.

Hi Everyone!
It's The one of  Kind Food,Soccer,Music, And I can't Live withOUT twitter Girl! :D
Bahaha! I always Felt Like saying that! I missed My amazing readers! You all ROCK my SOCKS!!
Today was such a LONG DAY! I'm so Tired But I feel so GOOD! :D we went on a ROAD TRIP! or Day trip for My Brother, He had to Get a test done in another city 3 Hours away from us. It was FUN! :D I was just SO SLEEPY this Morning so I slept a LOT! In the car, My Mom and dad were saying Pam is Going to be The first one Out, and I was! I'm proud of it BABY! :D Because Most of The Time I can't Sleep! But I was In pain so I just slept with my head back. :) and tons of jackets and My snuggie, I have a leopard one! I love it! even Though Paco My Dog takes It sometimes! he has His own also! :)
So I feel well, Rested! and It wasn't so cold there, well, It was But a wet cold! I love My dry cold. :P we just went to The Test place and IKEA to get some Snacks, They have the BEST food! and Then we are on The Road again. :) then we Stopped at MY FAV Burger place, I should Not have Gotten a Burger since I'm on a Low fat Life style :) I don't Like the word Diet. eww! It's a NASTY word! Who made it up?!?! That's what I want to know! because Fat, can do so MUCH to your Body when You have RA or Fibro or Lupus, I didn't Know this! That's Why Jerry Put me On That! Mmmm... Good, Thing I read up! :) It can Give You Nightmares and it can Give You inflammation, Meat can also give You inflammation. This is Legit Because My Doctor's told me and I looked it up. anyway! Then The Evil Dr Jane Called me, I will always call her that. LOL! I was Like what! here I am Getting my Soda, Coke, ( I know! SO BAD!!) and she said Dr Huff, had to leave. so They did Talked about My case but he wants to Put On a Med, and It's from The people who Made Jazz, and She told me, she thinks it's to much for me and she wants me to Look it up first, I just DID that! It's looks Like it can help. :) I'll Post the name of it IF I take it, I'm not sure yet. because she said I could go into a coma, But I looked it up Everywhere and It doesn't not say that! so I'm thinking She's trying to Scary me?!? or something?!? and since I can't Sleep, I have a Lot of Bags Under My eyes.
So This Weekend I will Be praying and thinking if I should or Shouldn't take this med???! So I will Be praying and Thinking a Lot! :)
Times for Bed, Or at lease trying to sleep!
God Bless My Friends :D
Have a Great weekend!
XOXO Pamela <3



I always Need My HOUSE! :D 

They Play this Weekend! :D and This what WE say! Like Go Real Madrid GO! LOL! :) 

PS, I love The Carpenters, They are AMAZING! and This My fav song. :) <3 


  1. Hey I love the Carpenter's too!

    There are two options: either she's lying or......this side-effect hasn't been publicized?

  2. ,,,,,,, ...... Here You go Sis, I think ou lost these. lol. -P

  3. Annie,OMGH! AWESOME! :D YAY! Yes, very True. :D I think so. :)

    Anon, HAHAHA! whatever girl, I know who you are!!! :P!

    Thanks friends <3 XOXO Pamela


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