Thursday, November 25, 2010

Still's DISEASE'S!???

Hi,everyone! :) 
Ugh, I'm in pain right now... WHY!!  On Monday ok, So I went to See Dr Huffy Then Jerry For Shots. Doctor Huff  wants to put me on Kineret But They can't Pay for it, It's so Much! So Now He's going to Put me On ORENCIA. But He still Needs to order so I'm hoping I can take it on Wednesday And He took out Blood and Then About my Voice, he said It's your cricoarytenoid joint and Your Voice Box. He said How Long has It been Like This and I told about 2 weeks, He said If It doesn't Better by 3th Week I want You to go See a ENT They will Help You and me, see what to do Next. I  said ok, so It's Nothing bad? he said No and Then we were taking about orencia. and About my Fevers He said, I do think You have Still's Disease, Because You  are  still at the age for it and I think Orencia would Help You with the Still's and Lupus and The RA and Fibro and IBS and The Sjogren's Syndrome, I told him, Ok I Trust you. So I found This From a ENT Doctor Online, someone asked him How does RA affect the voice box? How common is it? What are the symptoms?
He said Rheumatoid arthritis can affect the cricoarytenoid joint, the joint that allows the vocal cords to move in and out as we speak.  Such involvement is more common in women than in men with RA, involving the larynx in 65% of women with the disease.  However, only a quarter of patients with RA will have laryngeal symptoms.  These might include hoarseness, a foreign body sensation, pain, coughing, or even breathing problems.   
Dr Huff also said If It hurts in the Middle of Your Throat and It did, I almost cried! :( he Pressed it.. I was like OMGH! he said i'm sorry. I Told Him, It's Not Your fault, Your My Doctor. so For Now, I'm to keep taking my Pain patches and My shots and Then take the Orencia IV. Then I got My Blood Token Out, I just have a Blood bruise now. 
So Then I went See Jerry, The Shots Guy. I got My shorts, GRRR!! How I don't Like them.. :( But They don't Hurt that Much, They Help for about 5 days and That's Good. :) We talked and I told Him about the Blog! :D But he said I really Need to do Some exercises and walking.
and It would Help my Muscles Better Then I went home after that. :) 
I have Been Sleeping a Little Better, I guess. I have just Been so tried! and These Fevers make me so sick. 
My Day yesterday was Good. My Mom went to The Doctor and My Brother and My Soccer team Real Madrid WON! :D I was so HAPPY! :D 
Then today Is Thanksgiving EVE! :D I love Thanksgiving the DAY to eat and give thanks with Your family And Friends. :) I was Out With My Mom and Brothers, and we went to some Places and dropped some Food off for tomorrow. :) Oh no, I Just got a Phone call from my Cousin's, saying My Grandma Fell and Broke her wrist, My Dad is at the ER. I'm so worried about her. I hope she's ok. we are all going to be cooking tomorrow. Let's Hope, Princess P Luv, My New Nickname, can Help out to! :D I better go, my Friends have a Awesome Thanksgiving if You are American! :D Like me! :D 
If Not, Just eat a Lot tomorrow! :P 
God Bless
XOXO Pamela Aka P Luv



  1. You hang in there okay. In time, I pray, it will get better for you. We all have these stories and they are so frustrating to watch another go though. Hugs & prayers. Happy Holidays to you and yours. From our home to yours. Tammy

  2. Thanks Tammy, :) I will, They are! to You to! :) Marry Christmas!
    *hugs* God Bless, Pamela <3


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