Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sickness weekend!

Hey Everyone!
How was your Thanksgiving?? Mine was ok, I just had to Push Myself a LOT! and had to help a LOT! 
So My Grandma Hurt her wrist really bad! we all had to Patich in! It was fun But I had to help out but all turned out Ok! :) Then we were watching Football and Then we went to My Other Grandma's house, Then HOME! 
But during the Night, I woke up and My stomach was Hurting so MUCH! So all night it kept me up! :( I didn't Sleep good at all! and It was My First NOT GOING Black Friday In a LONG time! I'm always there! But I didn't Think any of the sales where Good and It was WAY to cold for me so I stayed in. Then My Brothers Put the Lights Up Outside Our House and we put our tree Up in our Living Room, and Then I was at home in BED!  And today I was Feel a Bit Better, I ate more and Slept Better! :) and My Brother Paul is sick and My Mom, They have the same Thing as I do! Odd.. I have been on Twitter and FB and In my room and Chatting with my Friends.  it's so COLD outside!! so I can't go outside! I just Put my Christmas Tree up and I'm cleaning my room a Bit. :) It looks Better!  Now I'm off to Bed. 
Good Night and God Bless! :) 

Hey My Friends! 
Today is SUNDAY! I woke Up in pain.. :\ Then I was eating some pancakes then I was washing some stuff, My Real Madrid Jersey one of them! :D for tomorrow The El Clasico, I'm so Ready to Cheer for My Team! :D 
WHOOO HOOO :D Then I went to take a Nap.. And Now I'm up! :) I was read some More Blogs yesterday and I have been looking up still's Disease and There is Not to much.. so Tomorrow I'm calling the International Still's Disease Foundation,  Maybe They can send some More stuff on and Maybe They Know Of better Meds, I could Ask My Doctor about. I have Been Looking what They have in common, But nothing!!! Having all These Disease Means More Doctor's I have to add on!! to my team! The Team's Name is Team healthy Pam, But I'm still Thinking of another Name! It's Kinda hard Having  Lupus,Rheumatoid Arthritis,Still's disease,irritable bowel syndrome, fibromyalgia and sjogern's Syndrome and asthma! So Still's Disease is 1 in 100,000!! and There is so much, fighting between Doctor's, if JRA and still's Are the same, They are NOT! It is a theory that JRA and Stills are the same. However, it is still unknown. Some people with JRA get better and never have symptoms again. Some with JRA experience a return of symptoms later in life. It is also unknown if an adult that develops stills at a later age might have actually had some symptoms of JRA as a child and these symptoms might have been overlooked or thought to be something else, I know! Shocking! They should Look into this! and Thank God, They are! :D 
So I don't know what The Numbers are for RA, or Lupus or IBS, or Fibro But I'm sure. It's a LOT! Because So Many Look at Sites and Twitters and stuff, Also People are in PAIN!  If Not Tylenol and Advil and Alive still wouldn't Be in around! I just Think, Doctor's Need to wake and Look how They are 
Diagnosing people and we need to Be our OWN doctor's Read and Look things Up! Before They had told I had JRA, I knew, I had It But I wanted a Doctor to Make sure! because I would Spend Hours on Google Looking things up, Pain, Bones,stiffness, anything. I could FIND! and I would go on Forums to and Talk to people and teens My age, I would Tell My Mom and Dad so They would know I was doing. :)  
Just If You feel Like You doctor Is not doing a Enough for you! Tell Him or Her and Look up more MEDS! to, I'm always Looking up Meds that are Coming out or That are at the FDA'S table and stuff and One time My Doctor said how did you know That Med is coming out?? I said I looked it up :D He said Good Job Pamela. :D!! 
Right now I'm in a LOT of Pain!! I have pain Everywhere! I'm having fair ups from my RA,Lupus,still's disease, and fibro. I have My Tenn's Thing on But it's Not helping.. :(  I'm just going to rest now, Have a Great Sunday night! :) <3 But good News My Texans WON! :D WHOOO HOO :D 
God Bless, XOXO 





  1. My Thanksgiving went great! Sorry to hear about your Grandma. :(

  2. That's Great Annie! :D I'm so Happy for you! :D Aww Thank you! <3 she's Getting Better! *hugs*
    God Bless, XOXO Pamela


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