Thursday, November 4, 2010

Party, Pain and SHOTS!!

Hello Everyone! :D
I have been Busy and in pain so I just haven't sat down to write on here! But Now I am! :D SO this week was Halloween, i don't do it. because I am Christian. :) But I do dia de los muertos Because It's giving respect to The dead, and to Those You Love, we did It on tuesday, Nov 2th and It was Started By Christians in the 1600's, we are Doing it for My Great-Grandma, I miss her so MUCH!! she was my ROCK! she cooked the BEST Mole and Mexican food in the WORLD! and she Only spoke Spanish, she died when I was 14, I didn't Tell Her I had the pain because I didn't want to worry her.
anyway, I miss her so That's Why we do This. :)  
so I have been In bed a Lot because of My pain and stiffness! and It's cold NOW :| NOO! I like the Cold, i just so STIFF! that I can't pull myself out of bed! My Brothers or my mom has to do it, and If They are busy I'm there for while calling them! I Just wish, I had my trapeze bar already! :( it's taking FOREVER!! anyway, They say it helps when Your stiff to Pull your self up. So I hope I get it soon! :D 
My Doctor told me the last time I saw him, I could Get trigger point injections, I may be getting These this week since I can't sleep again! :| and i'm in so much PAIN! and It also stops stiffness to. because It's all In the trigger points, I know This Only helps fibromyalgia But I read and heard this also helps rheumatoid arthritis so ask You doctor about it and see What he or she says. So I'll keep You posted on How This Helps me. :) let's HOPE!! :D
what is the FUN?? That I have been with My family and My Friends, My Best friends are my Mom, I can't LIVE with out her! :D and  My friend Samantha, she's The BEST! and knows me so well! :D and we are alike and are like SISTERS! :D  and My other Friend Alisa, she Loves Soccer Like me! :D and Loves Kaka, The Soccer player just Like me! and we are Like sisters! and Both Know a little bit of Portuguese. :) one Thing these 3 They always know about me when i'm in pain!  I'll just say something and They know! It's odd!  I'm blessed to have friends Like them and a Mom Like My Mom. They keep Me going. :) And My family Does, My Dad and My Brothers are amazing! :D I see how much they care! It's Just so GREAT! :D I'm so Blesses I can't say That enough! 
well, I have some New people who Just got RA or Fibro or Lupus, reading My Blog for The First time! if You want to Cry so CRY! if You want to laugh so LAUGH! That's How I kept up my Humor up and Just get the Pain out! sometimes when you have a Disease Like this you need to Cry or Laugh just to be happy! 
There are two Kinds of PAIN, when You have these Disease, One is Life pain, like sadness and Saying WHY ME!??!! what Did I do! why I do have THIS!!??!  and The Other is Body Pain as in the RA or Fibro or Lupus and so on and The PAIN all Over your Body... :| 
How do You or I? Deal With This?!?! Let me Tell You something! when I got sick, I was a Little 13, I cried EVERYDAY! every HOUR!! I just couldn't stop! On my 13 Birthday I was in the Hospital because I had a IBS thing, i was in for a WEEK! I spent my Birthday in the Hospital.  Then My Bones started hurting 2 Months LATER! me and 13 have Issues! anyway! I was young, So what I did, was YOGA! :D I have always Loved it! And It helped for a While Then It just getting worser and WORSER! Till I was in Pain all THE TIME! I have in Pain everyday since I was 15! and NO ONE knew what I had! They thought It was my Muscles and some thought it was Spine and some Thought It was My Brain. I know! Then when I was 18 They told I had RA & IBS & something Like Lupus and then I was 19 when I found Out I had Fibro. 
How to deal with all THIS PAIN! Pain Is our Body just hurts and Hurts then You take something Like Advil or alive and HOPE it works, It doesn't, It keeps Bothering you Then You say It will go away, It's something simple and go to Bed for The Night it keeps You up! and It feels Like a Sharp or Burning or aching pain and sometimes Dull pain, so for me that's How it keeps Coming back and when I take a Shot, This is How it comes back for me, Everyone is Different! I want to talk More about Life pain! I think this is The HARDEST one EVER! for me and Everyone I know who has Fibro or RA or Lupus. 
Today, My Day was HARD!! i had about 12 shots all Together, Yes, 12! I had 8 Trigger Point shots, 
all That was cortisone and  Pain 4 shots, I can't say what pain shot and something to make It numb before That! and that was a Shot also! I saw Dr Larry again! He did my shots again, He's the BEST! and I also got a tens unit, I have been using all DAY! It works GREAT! :D my back feels a lot BETTER now! :D Then Dr Huff's other Nurse said You can not GET SICK! so go get The Flu shot, They give It upstairs so we went to see a allergist. He's really Nice and wanted to Know all about my History and he Knows Dr Huff,
EVERYONE knows him! LOL! and Loves him! anyway! so The Allergist Give me the Flu shot, In 2 parts and tested me for Egg and Egg yoke Allergies, It said No, But I was still on my zyrtec at the time, so that's WHY! :| 

today was My little cousin's Birthday! :D she turned 1! and Everyone Met up at a Pizza Place, I was just so GRUMPY! But I finally told myself, Ok, Pam You are OUT! so WAKE UP!! LOL! and I did! so Then we came Home Thank GOD! It was SO COLD!! it's Like 45F outside!! for me that's COLD! I would Not do good in Alaska. :P
It's 12:01  :D Time For Bed, Good night Fighters! and God Bless you all! :D 
XOXO, Pamela <3



                                                Feel Better Everyone! :)  


  1. Hey same here. we don't celebrate Halloween either!
    AML, I'm glad you have such a persevering attitude when it comes to your pain.

  2. OOh That's awesome Annie! :) aww Thank you! You do to! :) <3
    God Bless! Pamela

  3. awwwwwwww i feel special that u menchned me I LOVE YOU sis ur so amazing and such a sweetheart and im always here for you no mater what anytime and about anything I really hope the shots help i talk to you soon LOVE YOU <3 GOD BLESS <3 : )

  4. AWW! Your welcome Girl! :D Love you to! :D I hope so TO! :D Aww God bless! <3 Btw that's Samantha, everyone :)


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