Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Hello, all!
OMGH! these past two Weeks have felt so CRAZY! I haven't Blogged because, A My hands have been hurting. People have been Telling about Different Things but, I'm like ok, Remember this Girl is BROKE! Plus My hand Feel they are from a Different Plant or something!! I try so many things and Nothing helps and I try stuff for Weeks.. But You know, It's Winter! so I just have to Fight it! and B, I have been so sick Of these's Diseases, I don't want to talk about it!  Maybe it's just that I want a Break from it! If I only COULD! Then on Monday I woke up sick.. so I'm sick! everyone is Like Your always sick.. I'm like yeah, Real FUNNY! But on SUNDAY! Missy here was At a Party and It was cold and the party was OUTSIDE! I had my Big coat everyone like it's Not big coat Weather. I told Everyone, I'm COLD PEOPLE!! it was for my cousin, I wanted to be there but I was so COLD! I Kinda,Think that's how I got sick but who knows everything has Been acting up so much! someone just coughs my way and then I'm sick.. but my Whole family have heard me Talking about it so much, They have learned! LOL! :P just my head hurts and my Throat hurts so much, That I can't talk and i'm losing my Voice.. I think, it's My RA, my cricoarytenoid joint acts Up a Lot. It hurts your Throat, SO BAD! And Then Little by Little You Lose your Voice, If You want to know More about it, Email me or Facebook me or something! and My nose is Clear But I have a Cough that sometimes, comes along with it. 
Right now I have a fever.. I want to Write so much More! But I thought I would Blog a bit so Y'all would know I'm alive! :P 
God Bless, my friends and Have a Great night! <3 

                                                                              Pics... :D 



  1. Awww feel better! I know what you mean about your hands. Mine have been at it for two straight weeks. Only today the swelling is settling down now. Hugs. Tammy

  2. Hi Tammy! so Glad, You posted! Oh my! :( I hope The Swelling stops. :( Prayers <3 *hugs* <3 XOXO Pamela. :)


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