Friday, October 8, 2010

why Friday??

I last Posted on Monday, I missed Y'all! :D LOL! The Title says Why Friday?? Well, It seems Like On Friday, My Pain is WORSER! then any other day. at around 5:00 today, I wanted to Go to the ER, Because It was so BAD! :( But It passed and I got Though it. :\ I don't know How I Got though it, I felt like I was on air And Dreaming. Odd right?? I Think it was all My Meds. I don't Like Taking so many, but I have to! :| Or It could Get Worser and stuff. So My Day was Good, Just running Around Getting ready for My Daddy's Birthday on Sunday. :) I gt His Gift already But all This Going everywhere just Drained me, Plus I Feel Sick But I did get some new Gloves, They are AWESOME! :D  So Then This past Week not to much, Just Home and Sleeping and My Brother's Surgery. He's Doing Good, he just needs to Rest and he's not doing that! This coming Week Though I should Be BUSY! Doctor's and Detests. OHH i forgot, I got a Bath Chair for The Bath Room This week also! :) , My Doctor's Thought It would Help more. :) It's Nice, I  Just won't use it all the time, Just when I feel bad. Tuesday everyone will Find Out About Jazz, Let's Hope They Pass it! :) And a New CD comes Out that day, So I'm buying that also! :P So In my Last Blog Post I had Posted a Pic and I said I love Mr Brown Well, His Name is Mr Bean. It's a Joke, My Friends told me so they and Me call Him Mr Brown. LOL! :)

Ok, anyway, Spain Played today and I missed it! :| But they won! YAY! :D But I was in so much pain! :( I just wanted to cry so I was in bed! at that time :( Pain just makes me Feel like Sobbing! :( and I try to forget It's there but it's so hard when It's everywhere In your Body! :( it's So much! :( If I could Take This away from People I would!

so tomorrow I'm seeing my family! For My Dad's Party. He's so Happy! His Birthday! :) I'm so Happy I have a Dad Like him! :D He loves Me, even Though I'm Grumpy and In pain sometimes and I do, (well sometimes) at like a Punky and He still Loves me! :D I love Him so much! :D

I think, That's It for Now. I hope to Post Soon Maybe tomorrow Or Sunday? :)
Love You all! :) God Bless!
XOXO Pamela

Pics of the Night :)

Good Night! :) <3


  1. I guess we all have some sort of pain. I feel for you that your pain is all the time. Take care and thanks for writing this. Tuning Out!
    From someone who remembers how pain is, too. :~((
    KEEP WRITING! Don't lose your cool!

  2. Awww! thanks That means a LOT! :) <3 Pain is something we have all Though life I know that. because sometimes I think no one reads this. lol :)
    Thank you so MUCH!
    God Bless XOXO Pamela <3


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