Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Swallowed Up by Pain.

My Fellow Pain People and People who Love us back! :P haha! I'm in a kinda Good Mood today since, I have been sleeping like owl, day and night. I finally feel wake and alive! I haven't felt like this in awhile! That's Sad, I know! so I haven't Blogged in two weeks, I think! :O OMGH!! so LONG! ok, So The miners are Home now! I saw all 33 get out because I couldn't sleep those two day! Madness.. and Yes, I cried With them and Cheered With Them. :) It was Kinda Fun to watch How Happy They were! :D and to see Them get Out ALIVE! and How Much They Lived On faith!! Now That's JUST Awesome! Though this I had pain and I was watching It in bed with Paco (my dog) and I would Cheer and he would wake up! and Mom would Yell who's coming Up Now?? and I would Number 15 and His Name, We have Friends who are from Chile But they Live in Northern Chile And Being Latino we all Felt Close to Them and being Human Of course. :) and when CNN stopping showing it at 3:00, I would watch The Spanish Channels :) They NEVER stopped showing it! And If Your Thinking She Knows Spanish?? well, I understand it yes, But I can't speak it! Mom and Dad Speak it sometimes, But My Grandparents! That's all They Speak! :O But they Know English. THANK GOD! if Not, I would be Lost! :| LOL! Anyway Back to the Miners, They Just showed me That If You have Faith That You will survive!! and The faith They HAD! OMGH! The faith! WOW! I loved when two of them Drop on Ground and Started Praying! LIKE AWESOME! AMAZING! BEAUTIFUL! I was LIKE Awesome! :D 
That was last week, well, The rest of my week was Ok, Just pain and I got My Dad a Hat for His Birthday well, It didn't FIT him! :( I knew, I should I have just gotten Him a Barca Shirt for His Birthday But no, I had to get him a Outdoors hat since he hunts and Stuff. I took it back and I got the money back Now I don' know what to get Him! But I was thinking maybe some thing Barca or Soccer since he's getting Back into Barca Again, :) even Though REAL MADRID :D My TEAM! :D is Better then His! :P I always Tell him that! haha! so then On 14th, I was in a LOT Pain I wanted to go to the ER pain! well, for us we have to pay $100 Bucks every time, so Mom said Call The Dr before we going paying that Much. So I called Him and they Told he was Out of town! I was like are you KIDDING!!! NOOO! Then she goes hold on, i'll call you back, I said ok. I'm Praying please God. Let her Give me something for the Pain because Nothing is Working! Then she calls back Telling me Dr Jane, (Who Remembers Her?!?! The Evil Dr Jane) can give me something at This Point I don't Care who give it to me, Just as Long she doesn't Kill me. Then she goes hold on, so I'm waiting then goes well, There is this Guy he does the shots and stuff, he will give it to you, I'm Like THANK GOD!! :D and to come on in, so over there and 'Larry' Gives me a Shot of something That is Stronger then anything I have token before, and Then In 2 Mins, I felt NORMAL! No pain or NOTHING! :D I wanted to run around, But NOPE! Mom and Larry Both said, It's BED TIME! Since I hadn't slept in about 14 hours in that day, so I came home ate subway and CRASHED Out! Then On Friday, I went grocery shopping with Mom, because My Brothers couldn't go. Then I came home and Guess what!?!? I Fell asleep! I feel Like I am Sleeping My Life away! Then I was at Home reading and doing some stuff, Calling People and being in pain! Then Saturday! My dad was at Work and I was in bed waiting for my Soccer games to come on, my Dad calls and Says Who wants to go see The Spurs Play??? I haven't been to a Basketball game in forever so I went with Him and My Brother Paul and my Grandma came to. we have to wait 30 mins for them to Open the DOORS! My knees were Yelling NOOO! and my Back was KILLING me!! so then we went in And we then It started :) It was ok, till the PAIN HIT HARDER! :( It was just going up and down my back like Fire, :| I couldn't enjoy the game at ALL! just when My fav Players did AWESOME shots! I was like :D but the rest of the time I was like :| we won! :D then we dropped Grandma Off and went home, I Think this is the last time I'm going to a Basketball at lease for while. lol. so Sunday was Great, Church was amazing! :D and Then Lunch Was good, Then I took a Nap and the Texans WON! :D LOL! so then Monday I went to The Dr's :) to see my Main Doctor Dr Huff, It was SO cold yesterday Morning,  so then I found out, I lost more weight. not good! so then we talked my Meds and EVERYTHING!  so Now I'm taking Akakina and More Cymbalta and More Lyrica for now and I will also start taking Trigger point shots for 2 weeks once a week, So we will see how this Goes. Then my Doctor said well, If You a REALLY bad Pain day call me, and I will do something about it, I told him, You better! Lol. :) He said Don't worry! he said I'll give You something for sleep next time, Because we will have to ask Dr Jane. :| since the med is still in Trail runs. I told him ok. Then we went to go do somethings and came Home and I fell asleep, then Got up ate dinner watched some TV then fell asleep for the Night. :) So today was Kinda Fun, My Soccer Team Won, REAL MADRID! :D I'm such a nut for them! and I just stayed home, I didn't want to go out because I'm in a lot of pain right now but I don't want to cry about it anymore, I'm just sick of doing that! I don't know why! last year I stopped crying when I'm in pain, My mom asked Why I stopped crying? I told her, I just stopped making tears and I think, My Body Thinks it's just pain and It's use to it no big Deal! I know this May sound like Madness to someone does not Have Pain, everyday like me. So I also got told I should try Yoga or something low impact for me,I'm like Hello! I'm the girl who hurt herself in the POOL! TWICE! But This May be better for me Said Larry. I told I would try it for a week, Maybe Next week, Unless Y'all Cheer me on! :D LOL! I better go to bed! It's 10:13 and I'm falling asleep here. :) 
God Bless! :) 
-Pamela <3 
Pic of the Night :) 


  1. im glad that your geting some meds for your pain sis i hope its helping love you sis hope ur feeling better <3 : )

  2. I hope ur pain goes away & stays away girl. :)

  3. Thank you camuchica91! :) It was Helping But Now he may change them again! :| <3 God bless!
    Thank you so MUCH Annie! :D <3 I hope so to! <3 God Bless!


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