Saturday, October 2, 2010

Pain is ON!

I knew It was Coming back stronger! and then I was taking a Yesterday and It was ON! The Pain went from 8 to 10! The Pain Patch Wore out and the Lyrica... It went out! after what 3 Days! This always happens! I try a Med and It stops Working after 3 or 5 days! So it's Saturday Afternoon 1:49 and I'm living on Pain Pills.. again! and On my pain patch! UGH!! Oh well, That's Life, I have to Let It be! Let It be, Is my word a LOT and My fav song. The Beatles are my Music ICONS! since I was 3 I have been Listening to them. Thanks Mom and Dad! :D I love the Beatles now. :D always Have! Anyway! So My brother is having some Medical Things going on right now, I won't go into it, Because It's His story to tell, not mine But On Monday he will Be having Let's say a Big Test. Please Pray for Him. :) Thanks! :) He's the Best Little brother we are only 13 Months apart, :) we use to call out selfs Twins But then he grew like 6'1. I'm tiny. 5'2 But I never wear heels because of my knees. Like Most RA people, always Flats or Converse shoes. :) btw This week Mom and I went to Get More Shoes right. OMGH! they went up! so Did My Converse! :( I and Mom would pay that Much but at the Mall Not some Little Shoe store, because That's where we were at. lol. So we just left. I was in pain anyway!
Then we got my meds out for the month and then came Home and I passed Out,then It came the PAIN! UGH!!  I wanted to cry! :( My Mom Is like Pamela What's Wrong??? I told her the pain is back! :( So I Am going to see my Doctor Next week, But Mom thinks I should, I move it to this week since It's Not working! :(  I think I will! What do Y'all Think?? I was so tired Yesterday because I was all Night! The night Before! I know, Bad Pamela! But I was in so MUCH PAIN! :( I was reading and Listening to some music Before my Music thing, died... from Not being being Plugged it, in a week! haha!  But it's ok.! LOL! Then I went out with Mom to some Places. lol :) and she got me Coffee! HAHA! I love my ICE Coffee! :D  But Now back today! I fell asleep and It's Now 6:49 PM. lol! and I had Hot dogs For Dinner! SO GOOD! :D And Right now My pain is Like a 9... yeah That bad! But I'm just getting use to it again! and I don't Mind, Getting use to it. that's Just the I am, It's Pain and I have Had this going on 7 years! Yeah, I'm use to it! LOL!
and I'm not a Freak, This is ME! Dealing With my pain again. Sorry But Right now My Life is overpowered by pain! So there has Not been any soccer Games today! :( at lease not for the teams that I go for! :D But tomorrow They all PLAY! :D Barca and Real Madrid. :) Here's a Pic of Barca

                              why can't they Be My Doctor's! LOL! :) I love Messi! and the WHOLE team! :D

                             and Now One of Real Madrid :D

KAKA and Ronaldo, Aka I love KAKA! :D because he loves God Just Like I do! and His Wife is so sweet! :D And Ronaldo is Crazy as EVER! LOL! :P
When I was Writing This My Dad asked Us If We wanted to go for a Drive To the Scary Houses! :D and The Train tracks. :D and so we were OFF! :D
My Dad is trying to Scare us. lol! :D It was so much fun! and Paco came also! He was With Mom most of the Drive, I had Fun But my back was Hurting so much! so it was Kinda Fun to enjoy it. lol.
But anyway, Now It's 11:42 and I'm about to go to Bed, Church Tomorrow! :D I can't wait! :D I love it! And Worship is amazing! :)
Ok, and Now Good Night and God Bless! Love y'all! :D My soccer games our Tomorrow! :D YAY! LOL :D
XOXO Pamela
                                                  Good Night! :D aww! This is so cute! :D

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