Monday, October 4, 2010

Life is Bliss...

The Title Is Says is all I think, :) I'm still trying to Understand and Deal with my illness. It may Sound Dumb because I have, I had this for so long, But I thought Some Doctor Would And Fix me up and It would Be all Better, Off to culinary school, I would Go BUT NOPE! It took a turn to somewhere else ville. More Like WHAT I AMVILLE!!! For real, I got RA and when I was 18 I thought for one year, I was dreaming. I wanted to go to culinary. I have Loved Cooking since I was a Kid, My grandma's and Mom, told me everything they knew! :D about Mexican Food and American Food. :) I was in the kitchen when I was 2! My dad Had gotten Me, a Little kid Stove. It was Cute. I would Cook with my mom. :) all my Life I wanted to be a Chef. :) I have Letters from Bobby flay and some Other Chef, I got Them when I was 17. But I had given up cooking around the same time. My back was Hurting way to much he pain was so BAD!! i couldn't stand it anymore! I had wanted this all my LIFE!! And I just gave it up... I have always Loved Gorden Ramsey, I wanted to Cook with him! always my Dream, He's a Pain but the Best chef EVER! and So many Other chefs. Now I'm over that now, I know God has something Better for me :D But sometimes, I wish, I Could cook again. Well, I do sometimes. just Not as a Job. Haha! :) And Another thing, I don't watch cooking shows, dumb, I know! But I know I can beat all those Punks. haha.. now you are Thinking What does she Do?? Well, for now I'm resting, I'm still to sick to work, My Doctor's Say. :| Or go to College. But When I get better! i'm going! maybe something in Law or Fashion or Medical. who knows!?!? I'm still Thinking about it. Maybe God Will Bering something up. :) I'm now 19 But I act older maybe 20 LOL! I have friends my age But I'm always the one that acts older and Like a big Sister to Everyone. Things about me People don't know?? I was born in ALASKA!!! :D It's my Home STATE! :D But I live in Texas now, I don't remember It,I was 1 when we left. :'( and another Thing is, I LOVE God! more then anything is then world! :D he's amazing! with out God, I would be gone..
People who are in Life?? I can't live Without My Mom :D and Dad and Brothers, and Family and friends and my Twitter family and All My Soccer Teams and My Famous Friends, Like Apolo :D who's a sweet heart! :D  haha!  :) I need Those People! HAHA! I would Die with out them!
What is your fav Show?? House and Anthony Bourdain No Reservations. :) he's awesome! and Loves Food Like I do! LOL! and I Love Bridezillas. It's so FUNNY! HAHA! and Everybody hates Chris. :) so many More.. And My Dad says and Hawii five-o and I think that's it. lol.

So Yeah, that's Me! about my Pain though, I have Fibro And RA and sjogren's syndrome and IBS and Asama. I'm not saying OHH poor me! poor Pamela! NO! I'm just so sick of people Thinking that's what I what! Because I Don't!!! I'm not a Baby! Just let me be! When I tell People I have RA and Fibro some are Like You can beat it and I'm here to help you beat it! or It will get better! I don't like the aww! Feel better! what the what!?!?! I'm not 5! Does it say it 5 year old on my forehead. NOPE! So just say, OHH I'm sorry Feel better!! Like what Apolo Ohno told me.. OMGH!! he's Perfect I know it. haha! he hit on the NAIL!! (btw what he said  is 2 posts behind. lol )  so yeah, if Your kid is Sick or someone You know has RA or Fibro, They may feel like This, I do and did after I was told I had RA. 

I heard about Jazz.. UGH! -_-!! we need more Fibro meds passed! it's all about Money! If Jazz is passed It will be the 4th med for Fibro! :D On Oct 11th They will tell the World if it passed or not. I hope so! But all the Big Newpapers Say no, Because It has a Lot of side side effects, all the fibro meds do, I think.

someone asked me. Do you have a Boyfriend?? No. :D I'm single for now! :D waiting for my Prince to come, I do believe in True love waits! :D To me it's the Best Thing, i love it. and I'm happy.  :)
I don't know But lately I have been happier, and That's Good. :) i love to Blog. I feel so free.  
That's all for Now My loves. :) Good Night and God Bless! 
XOXO Pamela <3 God Bless! 
I love Mr Brown. So I leave With this FUNNY! Pic My friend found! HAHA :D <3 
FYI, I want a Car just like THAT!! 

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