Friday, October 1, 2010

Hoping more then EVER!

Hi everyone! :D I went to the Doctors On Monday and It went Really Good, I saw Dr H. :) No, Not House! LOL! :P we talk about Everything My pain and what to do Next, So Then He told Me My Tests Results. Note the Pic. LOL! :D
And They were all NORMAL!! I wanted to yell WHY!! I mean, It's Not like I want something wrong, i just want a Answer, and  He said again It's the Fibromyalgia and RA and then He said I'm going to Put you on Lyrica 25mg for 21 days, If It doesn't work we will Try a med that You have to take everyday Though a SHOT!! I won't mind it but I don't know. I have tooken Lyrica Before once and It was 75mg But I had a reaction to it But My Doctor thinks it will Work So we start Small and If I feel a reaction coming on I have to stop to right away! 
So I'm Hoping SO much and praying More Then Anything! That This Med works! plus I have Been Resting and Sleeping Like Crazy Lyrica seems to Make me More Sleepy and More Hunger, And That's Good because I was starting to Lose weight again and They told To eat More! So I bet a Lot You of You all Are Thinking How is This Kid's Pain?!?!? well, It's Ok, It's about a 8 right now. My Doctor uses the 1-10 pain Thing. :) 
So This week, I have been Seeing My family a lot for Birthday party's and Get together's, and we have been talking about my Disease and They FINALLY Understanding! Like more then Ever I think, I love My family and At First I think, They didn't really see it but Now they do.So I'm Happy about that! :) 
So There has a Been a Lot going on, Our Van was in The shop But It's back Home now :D LOL! 
And My Uncle who is In the Army is Going to Africa not Iraq, so Please Pray for Him. You Know How some Artrisis laws have been Trying to Pass well some PASSED! This Week! I'm so HAPPY! Because I Helping I was emailing EVERYONE ! Here in Texas! who works In the Gov. :) so I'm a Happy Camper! :D 
Then I can't wait to Vote! Because some People didn't for it! and Those who didn't for it, I'm Voting them OUT! 
we need people who can Help us! sorry If I sound like a TV Person! LOL! 
So from Now On! I'm going to Post a Funny Pic  at the End of Every post To make You!!!! Yes you! :D * POINTING* Laugh! :D 
here's This week's :) 

I love House as Lot Of You know, I'm not very happy with this Season so Far, BORING!  and It's Like Really nasty.eww! LOL 
But I'm hoping It will Change! 
Thanks For Reading Loves! :)
God Bless! :D 
XOXO Pamela 
PS here's Another Pic! :D 
And I'm Still Hoping More Then EVER Right now! :D Love Y'all! I should Post again tomorrow Or Saturday. :) 

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