Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Pouring rain and pouring pain

I haven't Posted Since Last Saturday, I Missed y'all!  LOL, omgh these Past weeks Have been NUTS!! :| So when I last posted My Wrist was Hurting... fast Forward to Monday! I went to see my RA Doctor and I had a X-ray done, and I just have a sprained wrist and and he also Put me on the Fentanyl Patch for pain, it helps. Just not that Much But it's better then being in bad PAIN all the time, So we had Been talking me seeing Another Doctor here But one who knows more about Fibo and Lupus. I thought this would be a week or so. Then On Wednesday I get a call Telling me to come in, so I can see a new Doctor Who just Joined his office. So My Mom and I went and waited for about an hour and I Just fell asleep on the Couch they have there.. LOL! I can sleep anywhere! HAHA! Then I met My Doctor, I call her Dr Jane. She's Really sweet But she knows a LOT about Lupus and Fibo after talking for a WHILE! she said I do have RA and Fibo and she thinks I also Lupus. Since my Grandma Has it she has SLE and Skin Lupus. I just have SLE for now, and Before She can give me any meds she needs to do Blood Work and Then she will Pick The meds I will go on. :( Then this week beside that was Awesome! I was at Home and Out at My Grandma's House's & wal-mart & Church & stuff :) Then Yesterday, Labor day! :D My Grandpa and Dad had a Cook out! :D It was so much Fun! :D and so much food! I just took a Nap in be tween. :) all this! LOL, My Grandparents knew it to! haha! because I get tired so fast! HAHA! Then today the Hurricane Hermine was here and it started raining at 3:00 in morning, when I got up, I couldn't sleep and I had a LOT of pain! :( then Mom Got us some Breakfast she got me pancakes! LOL Then Mom and Dad went out they didn't want to go out since it was raining and I'm sick with my RA, My Voice is Kinda Foggy.. lol. then My Team Spain! :D Played but we lost! I was like NO!!! But I loved seeing the Team :) they are AWESOME!! as always! and I saw my Favs! :D LOL! Now I'm watching Tennis Rafael Nadal is playing, another FAV! :D he's Been a Fav since 2005! :D
haha! anyway! :D It's been raining all DAY! and a little tonight, I just want all Rain Gone, even Though I love It, I'm just in a LOT of pain! :( I guess it's bed time!
Good night! :D <3
And God Bless!


  1. We are the Moore Sisters from Idaho.We noticed that we had a lot in common and found your blog. Sarah is tall and Sharon is small.Check out our song that Sarah wrote on our blog. We think you will like it ant that it might take your mind off of other things.Right now we're calling it "Believe". One day we'll have a better recording with both of us singing it.

  2. Hi Sarah and Sharon. Oh that's awesome! I love that Song. :) You two are Great at song writing! <3 Thanks for Following me on here and Commenting. :) That's is really Awesome! We do have a Lot in Common! :D
    -Pamela <3
    God bless!

  3. Thanks,Pam. We're looking at calling our song "Believe in Me" instead. What do you think? We love your blog page and the relaxing music. Very cool.
    Sarah and Sharon

    God bless!

  4. Hi! Sarah and Sharon! :) I LOVE THAT! It hits the Head on the Nail, :) aww Thank you! :) <3 God Bless!


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