Thursday, September 9, 2010

One of those Days!

Just One of those days... Hi y'all! So Today I was having some MRI's 3 all together on my back and a CT so I stayed all Night last Night and I felt like I just got ran overed by a Car or something.. So we go to this Place and they say My Doctor doesn't want to do it! :| because He wants to go some other place else But this other place wants a lot of paper work. So we went to this One and they nice and stuff :) But then My Doctor Office Didn't approve it! So I didn't get it, I was so UPSET! My Mom and The Nice Lady who Worked There tried everything! But they would not do it :( I was mad and wanted to cry.. I just want my tests done already! I already don't like MRI's,They are so scary for  me, I know I'm 19 But I still get scared of it :( Then we where going Home and then something  Happened, I won't go into it But I made the day Harder! :( So then we went to McDonald's and I got a Big mac and Iced Coffee :) then home and I went to bed Then I woke up at around 5 or 6 and I ate dinner, Tacos! :D Then I saw Just Watched Tennis RAFAEL Nadal Played Again! :D and he WON! :D he's going to the Semi's. YAY! LOL, Then I was On FB and on twitter. My Friends and My Family Make me feel better! :) I was just Upset, I guess because I already have to live with all these illness, It's ok, I'm Ok with it :)
and I just want to see why I have pain! You know?!?! It's Not about the Money But every keeps saying You MAY have Cancer! :( and You know inside, I freak and Yell AHHHH!! NO!! I don't want to DIE!! I want to see my Brothers get married and See my Mom and Dad's 30th anniversary! and see my all Little cousin's Sweet 16 ! and watch Paco Get old and me!?!? well, who know! :D Move to Spain! :D Or Go to College and Start in the Fashion World or the Cooking World, and maybe get Married, I always tell my Doctor's, i don't want to die!! and They say You won't! Then Why did just say I MAY have cancer then?? HUH!?!?! all RA,Lupus,and Fibo and Sick people go though this I know! and I was Thinking about This today and It came to me! Just PUT it out of your mind and Throw it out! and It won't Happen I hope! I sometimes wish, I could have Control of my
Body Like a Computer, You can Throw out stuff and Delete it and download new stuff. haha I would LOVE THAT! :D I'm such a computer Kid! LOL :) right now I'm watching the Golden Girls. I LOVE this Show! :D
I watch it like ALL the TIME!! :D LOL and Cheers and Icarly! and I'm eating Cereal It's so good!
I have Been doing a Lot for the Gov and Arthritis because Here in Texas People seem to know NOTHING!! about it!! and that's Just Not good. and I have been emailing the Gov. also! I hope it works! :D
Now to relax and Finish watching my Tv and then go to bed, I'm still sleepy! lol
God Bless and Good Night Loves! :)
God Loves you and so do I! :D <3

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