Saturday, September 18, 2010

Doctor Who doesn't care.

This week has been Pain, Sleep, tests & More pain,Then Doctors. Remember Dr Jane Who said I have Lupus and Cancer well,  I went to Go see her on Thursday and She got My Blood Work back and MRI'. My MRI's were Normal and the Blood Work Looked Normal, Now she say's You don't have Lupus or Cancer. I could still have Lupus Even If It didn't Show on my Blood Work But she's Thinks I don't have it at all and i can Get a Job! I'm Like No way! You have No Idea How I feel! She's like Yes I do like when I Had my Baby, i'm like PLEASE That is NOT the Same thing! That goes away! Mine stays for days and years, She's To Young to Understand How I feel and She's Not caring Enough yet, i'm going to Tell my Head Doctor aka Her Boss That I don't want to see her again, she Kept Judging me and stuff, I just didn't like her. But I am Happy That I have No Cancer! :D But on Monday I'm going to See a Blood Doctor, Just to Double check My blood. Because I could have a Rare Cancer or something She said. :| But I don't Think so.
Just to say this About her She Doesn't Care. I felt Like I was taking her time up, Like I did something! 
PLUS! she didn't even Give me any Meds I have to see The head Doctor, Then I get some new meds. :) I hope They work! 
This weekend I have Been so sleepy and tried.. :( I woke Up early and I got my Hair Cut! :D And Paco Got His Shots today :( Poor Baby. lol :) 

I have Church In the Morning. :D I can't wait! :D 
I better go, I'm falling asleep! haha! God Bless! and God Loves you! :D 
God Bless Pamela <3

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