Monday, August 23, 2010

oh Joy...

This is has been a NUTTY WEEK! now to start another week, oh JOY!! I have been in so much PAIN LATELY! :| I wanted to go to the ER yesterday IT Was THAT BAD!! But Then I just kinda went Though that Pain hour. I saw a Movie,It was Ok. Plus I was sleepy Though all this and I Couldn't sleep Because of pain.. so My Doctor is HOU Is Leaving! I'm so mad at HIM! He's Like the Only Doctor who is Helping me and  I have no AS, so that's Good But Now the Thing is Why do I have the Pain??? So I went to go see my Neurologist and She said Well, Nerves Look great and You Brain does also and Your Spine Feels Ok and if the X-ray Said it was ok, You must be ok But Then said Well May It Could be Neuromuscular. So Go to talk to your RA Doctor I told about my Doctor in HOU and my Doctor here and How we are looking for a new One and she said ok, well Let me Get you some names for some more. :D Then the BEST one Dr, Russel he's on the Broad of the FDA, he's Not going to see new People anymore so I can't see him! :( WAH!!!  now she's going to call me this week with more names! I hope she calls.. so I'm kinda down! Like what ELSE!! And this weekend I had a Hard time waling. :| and Didn't go out, Just once I think For Lunch. all I want to do Is stay home! But Mom and Brothers and Dad are Dragging me OUT! :| But I do want to go SHOPPING! But my knees Hurt.. so I don't Know how That will go!! Just some kids went Back to school today! YAY! :D LOL! i'm happy because all the stores were PACKED! lol And now they won't. lol. and my Little Cousins went today also! One for the First time!! AWWW! :D They looked so CUTE! :) now It's 10:58 AM... I want a Burger or Subway for lunch! :D I HOPE! :D HAHAH! :D Later Loves! :D Thanks for Listening to me! <3 
-God Bless

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