Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Hope, New day?!?!?

Today My Awesome Mommy Got me some Pancakes :D when I got up! awww.. :) Then Went to wal-mart. There where NO sales.. DANG IT! LOL. I love sales. My Pain is there, it was like a 8 But I have to live I just can't stop my Life for it Even Though I want to then I came home, I just took my meds and Now I'm going out again to drop my Brothers off somewhere.. So Guess who's Making dinner tonight since Mom's Knee is still Bad. ME! I really miss cooking so I will take it SLOW! and easy. :) and Have hope that I will cook ok and I just sent a Message to my FAV soccer PLAYER! :D Gerard Pique. and It your's is the BEST It will posted in his LOCKER :O and on the Score Broad in Camp Nou. :D I'm just HOPING! it will Picked! :) I would DIE! LOL! no, I would! lol. So I have been Thinking, I really Miss Cooking So I kinda Think me Cooking tonight is going to be AWESOME! :D because if I weren't Sick,I would be NYC in College or working for a BIG chef somewhere since I got letters from some huge chefs... :D LOL. ok, I'm Bragging now! HAHAHA! :D Later People, Off to do something! 
-Pamela <3 
God Bless! 

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