Saturday, August 28, 2010

From bad to AWESOME!!

I last Posted on Wednesday Afternoon. This is what Happened on Thursday, I woke up and I had a lot of back pain So then off to the Pool and I was in there right And then something popped my wrist. I pop things all the time in my Bones,So I didn't think anything of it, till later That Night I couldn't find my meds and my Wrist started hurting BAD! Then I found my meds and Just went to bed... In the Morning(Friday)! :O though,I felt like my wrist fell off. I didn't go Swimming, I just stayed home and took some tylenol and then I fell asleep and I woke up and I called my Doctor to get a Pain shot because the Tylenol didn't Help at ALL! and my back was hurting BUT! he was closing Early! WHY!! :( His Nurse told me on Monday they will see me,and either give me a shot or a infusion for everything.. kinda can't wait! I know this sounds bad! But my like is like,Pain and pain with a side of PAIN! I get so sick and tired of it! Ok, Then today awesome!! JUST LIKE ROCKING Good TIMES AWESOME DAY! :D I slept late till 9:00 :P and then I was in bed because of my Wrist and then I fell asleep and then I got on twitter then I got a reply from My FAV Lady Carol Here's the PIC! :D  

What this is what it says because it's in Portuguese.. btw I know some! :D  Hi Carol, I just wanted you to know You are my role model btw I love your Voice and I know now That dreams can come true. :) and she said this And true! can do!  I was so HAPPY! :D  Like she knows I'm alive! HAHAHA! :D her and her Husband Kaka are amazing! i can go on and on about them! :D and another thing is she has 93,000 followers! and she saw MINE! :D  AHHHH!! :D 
Then Mom And Dad Got Pizza for dinner! :D I was Pain though all this but it was so AWESOME! :D Carol made my YEAR! Now I just need one from Kaka.. :) haha! Anyway! :D So Monday shots or IV's and Tuesday MRI of my Back.. of JOY!! :O not... lol
And Tomorrow CHURCH! with a Hurt wrist.. I know You are thinking how is she typing this?? with one HAND! lol.

God Bless Loves,
and Dreams Happen and God Loves you! :D <3 
-Pamela <3 

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