Wednesday, August 25, 2010

and I'm like pain again??

UGH! this day was so GOOD! :) then it got bad! I woke early and Went out then,we got some Breakfast and I came home and Slept! I know! I had just woken up! :| I feel more lie a Freak, Mom thinks it was just my meds. maybe... anyway! Then my Team Barca Played! :D oh yeah! :D lol. I was yelling and stuff when my fav players came out and when we made Goals. :) soccer just makes my Life. I don't know why, But I could watch it ALL day. lol. Then I was trying to clean up and worked on some stuff. :) lol. and then my Pain got worser! and I'm like Pain again?!?! UGH! :( I just need a Break from it. lol. So yesterday my Doctor's Nurse Called and I'm having a MRI on my Back and Spine, I thought they were the same thing?? hahaha!so that is Next week! I don't like them at all! they feel like Caskets! AHHHH!!! XD! LOL! do you like the New Song?? It's MY FAV!! :D I love that Band and that Song is so catchy! :) even Mom likes it! lol.
Anyway, Not much here today. Lol. and that's Good. lol. I may go read a book or go to bed, I'm in a LOT of pain! it's like a 9. Because I'm getting to close to crying... I better go!

God Bless
-Pamela <3

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