Sunday, July 4, 2010

Head aches.....

Hola People! Ok, I have been Busy with the World Cup and My Life and Doctor's Apps. But I'm back to tell you all about my life! again! HAHA :D  my Team Argentina Lost yesterday... And my Other Fav Team Brazil Lost on Friday... I took it hard.. I love Lionel Messi. :)  seeing him.. sad and in shock.. :( Made me so sad... :( But I know he will get over and Get back to winning! :D because that's the type of Guy he is! :D then SPAIN WON!! :D WHOOO HOOO! :D my Whole is going for them :) it's AWESOME! :D On Thursday, I went to See a neurologist for the First.. Because I keep getting Head aches and migraines and numbness so She put me on some new meds and I'm getting some MRI's and More Tests. I just hope everything Comes out ok But my head aches are really bad! I can't see light or go out.. :( or eat! And I keep talking in my SLEEP! and saying stuff! and I can't stop!! it's so ODD!! and the numbness is in my legs and arms and in my face.. it's like sharp! odd! 
Moving on Yesterday was my little Brother's Birthday! :) he's turning 18! AWWW! :) I'm so happy for him! :D and Also it's my Cousin's birthday also she's 3! :) aww.. and tomorrow is 4th of July! we aren't doing anything.. because we have Church.. But I'm hoping! :) because we always have a BBQ But it's been raining a lot. so That's why also! And it's the 4th and we are just resting :) It feels good. :)  Now watching icarly and Feeling sick! :( Like I have a COLD! :( UGH! I want to see FIRE WORKS!! haha! I LOVE THEM! :D I'll be posting more all this holiday weekend :) 
right now dinner! :) 
so LATER! -Pamela
God Bless <3 

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