Saturday, June 19, 2010


Sorry, I have been BUSY with being pain... :(   My birthday,My Grandma is the Hospital, and the world Cup and PAIN!! and everything else in between. Ok, My birthday was AWESOME :D Maybe the Best Birthday EVER!! :D I got subway cards and the Alice in Wonder land Movie and MORE! :D And my cake was GREAT! :D And it was my Parents Anniversary also! and it was FUN! :) Then my Grandma Had a surgery, she's Getting better! :) My Mom had been at the Hospital with her, I haven't seen her yet. I hope to! so I have been at home, resting and Relaxing all in PAIN!! And I have also Been watching the World cup :) EVERYDAY!! :) I LOVE IT!! I can never see enough SOCCER or FOOTBALL!! USA,Brazil,SPAIN and Argentina are my TEAMS!! My fav Soccer players are KAKA :) and Messi :)
So my pain is just a thing, I have to deal with, I guess. I see my Doctor on Monday, So we will see how that goes. :| I'm going to Tell him, I'm sick and Tried of dealing with this pain, I want it to just LEAVE ALREADY!! :( I get so upset with it, that when I talk or write to some one it sounds mean, and People are scared or don't talk to me! And I'm not MAD! it's that I'm always upset with this pain, It just gets to me... I'm trying to deal with it, But when I can't do anything and whenever I Do something, I'm in MORE pain! T But it's coming to Point that the Pain is getting to ME! I know, I souldn't let it but it's a lot for me.
today, My knees are killing ME! :( I'm taking my pain meds and my pain Gel that is helping :) I feel a little better. :) so maybe I'm trying to keep going like I'm fine, but I'm not. I always do this but when We are busy or I have to do something, I don't have to be thinking about my pain yeah, I feel it, But I'm just pushing my Self again and I shouldn't be doing that! NEVER PUSH your SELF if you have JRA or RA or fibromyalgia. I'm know that now. :| I learned the HARD way! NOT GOOD!! So learning FROM ME! PLEASE!! So tomorrow is Father's DAY! :)

I'm so HAPPY! :D for my Dad and Grandpa's :D I love them so much! I just got my Dad a gift, I'm kinda Broke. I hope he will LOVE IT! :D So right now I'm watching House, and they are talking about Still's Disease... it's odd. They said If I don't get better, I have it. so Maybe I do. But either way, you treat them both kinda the same. Let's see what Happens on Monday. I'm going to bed early tonight, I was up all last night, I couldn't sleep because of the pain! GGRRR!!! :( But I'm really tired right now, and it's 8:43.
Hugs and Love, and I hope to Blog More SOON! <3 :)
and Keep up the Happiness and Don't give up, God Will heal YOU! :) that's what I tell My Self. :)
God Bless
Pamela <3

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