Saturday, June 5, 2010

Nutty week.

OMGH! what a Nutty week, well, My weeks are always Nutty!! I lost a friend this week,because she doesn't understand JRA, But it's ok. I don't Need people Pulling me down And My I have been in pain but I'm ok. :| and My family is SO awesome! :) and My friends making me LAUGH! almost all the time! HAHA! And a LOT. Ok, So yesterday I found out Justin Bieber is COMING!! :) to my CITY! WHOOO HOOOO! :) I'm SO HAPPY! :) And I hope I'm going! :) PLEASE Pray I go! :) he's AMAZING! :D AND!!! My birthday is coming up on Wednesday :) and I already got some AMAZING! people telling me Happy Birthday! :) and I got a CD from My BESTIE Marissa :) and I love it! :) then Yesterday I went and Got a Birthday Dress! But we only stayed for a little bit because I was in pain and My Mom's knees were hurting :( And also Yesterday we had are JRA Girls CHAT! :) it was SO MUCH FUN! :) we are became friends and stuff! :) We are so doing it again soon :) we talked about EVERYTHING!! JRA,Fibo,Dogs,Jonas Brothers and so ON! :) It was FUN and the girls who didn't know each other and became friends, :) so that was GREAT! :)
So I'm taking Gabapentin, and it seems to be helping somewhat,I have my color back, no pale Pam! and I feel stronger and not weak anymore. I still have pain and stuff but it's ok, Little by little I'll get Better! :) I'm having faith and Praying :) God is SO AMAZING! and the World cup is STARTING! WHOOO HOOO! on June 11th :D I can not WAIT! I have all my Brazil shirts ready and I want to get my nails done with the Brazil Colors, I love the USA But I don't think we are that Good! But I hope we win somehow! :)  I'm going for Brazil right next to the USA :) I'm going to be adding music and stuff on here, I hope y'all like IT! :) last night I had a fever so I don't know if it's my JRA or my FM, and I feel like I have one now to, I'm watching tv right now, and I'm super tired! 
God Bless and hugs and Love

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