Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Med update!

HELLO! ALL! :D Sorry, I have was in bed and Busy. :) I have some news, about my Meds, well, my Doctor put me on Gabapentin And I looked Up and I was like, what It's a Med for shingles, then I Found Out it helps fibromyalgia and it takes about 12 weeks to work, and My Doctor has been doing studies so I think, he's doing one on me now. haha :) I feel worser now,I just took it today, I PRAY it helps! :D PLEASE GOD! :D and worser as in more swollen and my body feels odd. So I hope It's just starting to work, only thing is I can't SLEEP! So I'm up, I don't think I will sleep, but I hope I Can! :) so anyway. it's now 6 days till my birthday, I feel old! 19! DANG! HAHA :)  And My Mom and Dad's anniversary 20 year's they will be married! :D, I was Born on there one year Anniversary. :) It's kinda Hard because we have to have both on the same day or near it. I just feel bad, Because I wish, I could have a Party for the, but I'm Broke right now. SO I hope Next year, I can. My Mom says when it's 25 years I should throw them a Party. haha :) Maybe I will, so I have more time and! be well. :) I think they would LOVE it. I just Love them SO much and they So much for me. I wish, I could give them the world. But I know God will Bless them :) So My JRA Girls! :) Me and my Friends will be having a JRA girl Chat On Friday. :) So PLEASE Comment or tweet me or email me, if you want to Join us ,GIRLS Only! :) lol :) 
ok, and not a Lot has happened, just the BEACH! :D and Home and watching movies and resting. I'm Loving my LIFE! :D OH!  My Mom who's having a LOT of pain in her knees and all around her body because she fell last week, SO I need y'all to PRAY! for HER! PLEASE! and THANK YOU! <3
That's all for Now, LATER! 
Hugs and Love
-Pamela <3 

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