Tuesday, May 18, 2010


So I was up till 3:30 AM!! Last night listening to the Beatles and praying and talking to God. I didn't want to wake Up my Mom. I'm 18, I shouldn't have to wake her up anyway.... I was just Like God PLEASE!! Take this away and then I fell asleep So he Heard me :D Anyway.. Then I woke up to go to the Doctor's. :| It was ok. I'm trying to keep going not let this get to me. I went to the pool. I did 60 mins, had my tests to. I guess, I Look pale or something because people are looking at me like I'm sick or something. maybe's me. Sorry, if I sound down or sad. So I hadn't been on twitter all day then I got on and my fav person tweeted me. I was like Just what I needed and That was Nice of him! yes, little things like that make me happy :) now if only Apolo Ohno would reply me! :D haha. That would be AMAZING! this has been a ROUGH DAY!! Post more tomorrow! Just please tell people about the JRAPeeps site please! Thanks :) <3 and I'm sure I'll feel better tomorrow :) I just hope I can Sleep!! :( <3
Hugs and Love!
God Bless

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