Monday, May 10, 2010


Going to bed, I went to pool today I'm REALLY SORE!! right now. My pain is ok. I don't want to be touched though. the pool is SO RELAXING! :) I have to stay in there for 60 mins. everyday, 6 days a WEEK! :O for a month, but it helps I have to keep doing it. :) I'll TRY ANYTHING!! :) So I have been on my everything BLOG, A lot more! make sure you look at it! I post pics and and videos and CRAZY THINGS! :) My week has been SO BUSY! and rough :( Just a lot for this JRA Kid. My Mom's Mother's day WAS A AMAZING! :) I hope Your's was to, if your a Mom. Was with all the family yesterday it was fun. I'm going to call some places tomorrow for JRAPeeps :) I didn't do it today, I was SO BUSY! :) I hope it goes well :)
Going to bed now I'll post tomorrow! :)
God Bless!
-Hugs and Blessings, Pamela <3 

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