Tuesday, May 4, 2010

So tried.

I woke up early.. After waking up all night :( My Fibromyalgia is acting up today. Right now I'm ok :D In a happy mood even Though The Texas Heat is HERE! :|  and I'm trying to clealing my room but I'm So TRIED So it still looks dirty! HAHA! Today I got blood token out For my Doctor in Houston And then I was working On some New Pages on Here! :D  Here abut JRA and Fibromyalgia. I'll be posting more about Fibromyalgia Because I haven't seen to many blogs about Fibromyalgia. My Goal is To let People Know  Fibromyalgia is a real Disease. SO TELL PEOPLE! :D Please! :D Then I was with my Cousins and Then I fell asleep. NAP! I feel like a CHILD :( I'm always napping! I don't want to sleep my life away. HAHa! I doubt that but you know what I mean :) Ok. Moving on... Then I woke up and I was eating dinner and then I was working on my other Blogs and stuff :D And Now I'm cleaning My room still, Like I said :D I have been really tried and still feel like I have the Flu. it's such a bad feeling.   I still feel bad. I'm just Happy it's hot now! :D I love SUMMER! :D 
I'm really Proud Of Brother Pat Yesterday, night. I was really bad and Didn't feel like walking so my brother picks me up and carries ME! to my bed! I was So PROUD of him. He's like Are you Ok Pam?? And my Other Brother Paul to he's So sweet and got me ice cream. I'm just really proud of them, how much they care about me. :) And my Mom and Dad to. going to Houston with them this past week was really Good. I saw how worried they were :( and I loved being with my Mom and Dad. :D I better go now, My legs are numb :| 
Hugs and Hope <3
God Bless,Pamela 

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