Monday, May 3, 2010

Rough weekend.

I post on Saturday, about the JIA facts and stuff :) That was FUN! :D  I was going to post but I was So tried. :( My Sunday was Ok, I was at Church :) LOVE IT! They played my Song How Great is Our God. Then we Fish for Lunch :D Then we went to the Library, Then I was in Bed all day and night, I didn't feel good, i was having pain everywhere plus I felt like I had the Flu. fibromyalgia Alert!!  :( So I was watching Movies and reading. One the times, I wished, I had a LAPTOP! :( I hope for my Birthday I get one, HINT HINT! HAHA :) or the ipad! HAHA! I was reading some more Fibromyalgia books, right now it's the Fibro that is really bad for me. :(   I had some time to think though : about everything, Then I started Crying because I'm SO Tried of all this! Then I stopped and said to myself, PAMELA, You Need to stop crying abut this! You are better then THIS! :D And You can beat it and You can be whatever You and God and choose for you to do! :D Then I fell asleep. :)  It was just a LONG weekend :( But my Soccer team Real Madrid WON though! :D WHOOOOO HOOOO!  This Morning was Good, I woke Up feeling like I had the flu again... I went to sam's and some places with Mom. Then was In bed. :( I fell asleep, I took a 4 hour nap again, But I'm still tried! :O HAHA! Right now my foot in numb :\ So On twitter I haven't been on JRAPeeps so much :\ I Hope, I can be on there more soon :)  And The SPURS Play tonight! :D WHOOOOO HOO They are going to beat the suns :D 
So I'll be with my family tonight and Hopefully not in bed! :\ My back just hurts a LOT right now. I better go it's almost dinner! :D
Later -Pamela 

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