Sunday, May 30, 2010

New PAM!

Sorry, I haven't been on here, I have been busy and n my other Blog, Pamela's Life! :) That one is my Pain blog, This one is my Living with JRA and FM one, and I missed it! :D So I'm BACK!! And maybe even a Little BETTER! :D WHOOO HOOOO!  So the month of May just FLEW through! It's now the end of May! So went to the Beach Yesterday and today! :) It was FUN! and I even had pain, but when I was at the Beach today, I just forgot about it :) And It felt SO GOOD!! I was SHOCKED! That It was Gone for a little Bit, I felt SO GOOD!! I was in the water and in the sand, whatever I KNOW I'm 18 but let me have my fun! HAHAHA! :D It was GREAT! Only Thing is my heart was beating fast the whole TIME! It was kinda ANNOYING!! Not kinda, A LOT! But anyway! We had fun! :) and Paco, My BABY,my love, other half! HaHa! ok, My Dog Came with us too! :) It was a BLAST! I felt like a Kid a again, Oh wait I am! HAHA! can you tell, I'm Happy?? haha :) Then we got in the car and I crashed!! and Paco too! Then I woke to go take pics downtown :) Then lunch, Jack in BOX! :D and then I was out, then we came  home and we r at the house and I woke up! :) It was SO MUCH FUN! I didn't want to leave! :D Ok, So back to my LIFE! HAHA ! :) It's Been good, I have been Pacing My self, everyday, How do you do that? IS! make your Bed, rest, Go to the bathroom,rest, Start at 15 mins and little By little You will pace your self, So You won't crash and be in bed for DAYS! It works! Just try it, It's mainly for Fibromyalgia, But It helps me! and I have Both. :)
 and I have been asking for Help more, I have been Parking my Pride. It's hard to at First, But I want to get BETTER!! I  can't let this stop me, say every day!! My JRA or FM won't STOP ME! I have to Keep GOING! So it will get in your HEAD! Pushing your self, does not HELP! BUT! When You say I have to keep going. It means You have to get better and won't give up! Last week, I hit Rock Bottom and It hit me, If I want to get to my Dreams I Must get better and if My Doctor's are to busy, I'l just do IT!! :D And I have been, So I just hope it helps I have been Feeling better  and More ALIVE! :D! I better go to Bed good night! 
Hugs and Love! 
-Pamela! <3 

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