Thursday, May 6, 2010

A lot.

This day has been a LOT for me! I woke early because my back was KILLING me! :| Then, I was listening to Justin Bieber with my Cousin M. it was Fun, then I was in bed again and playing farmville :) LOVE IT! HAHA! :D it's like owning a farm! HAHA! then I fell asleep, I napped for a while. I'm really tried. :( So Then I was cleaning my room again and it looks really Nice :) I have so many PAPERS! HAHA! So I didn't do a lot but my Body feels like I have ran though the city or something!! I have been really moody today :| It's not fun. I feel mad and sad. It's because I was in SO MUCH pain I took my pain pills but they make me moody. :| But Thank GOD! :) My Mom is here for me! :D And my Dad and Brothers. I just keep having Hives and stuff, But Never let it get to me :) Or at lease TRY! :D HAHA! On Monday, I hope to start my Pool Exercises :) I want to get started already :) I just hope I start feeling better soon :) Right now, I'm really Tried... I need sleep! :) But First I need to buy some songs :) and say good night on twitter! :)
God Bless y'all! :)
-Pamela :)

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