Sunday, May 16, 2010

JRAPeeps site!

YAY! JRAPeeps site is up and running! :D I'm SO HAPPY! Here's the Link if you haven't seen it :) Tell me what You Think! and Become a Member Please and I also have a Blog n there to! :D So today is kinda a Bad day, I don't feel good. My Dad's Dog Duke is sick and it's all dark outside and Real Madrid lost! :( and Barca won :( But My Fav Tennis Player Rafael Nadal won! :D And I got a Big TV in my room! :D HAHA! LOVE IT! :D but at church I felt like I going to Faint :( So soon I got home I fell Asleep  And I woke up and my dad and brother went to Church with my Grandparents So that was Good and they Got my mom and I something so I have just been at home and in bed and on the Computer. I just feel sick and I was having trouble breathing earlier. I don't know if it's my FM or JRA or me getting sick or what? I'm going to my RA Doctor tomorrow and I have DEXA Test tomorrow to. So I'll talk to him tomorrow about it. My week has been good, I'm trying to do more stuff with JRAPeeps :D hope to do some more stuff this week.  Right now I'm looking stuff up for my Alice in Wonderland Birthday Party, and I just saw Dr WHO!! :D HAHA! I love that Show and Merlin, the UK's Best shows! :D I love being with Family :) OK, I better g make sure you look the JRAPeeps SITE! Thanks
hugs and love, God Bless

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