Saturday, May 15, 2010

Good and Bad week

My Day was ok. It was raining all DAY!! So a lot of pain everywhere and Felt sick all day! :( I still do. It was my Cousin Birthday Today :) and 3 of my friends to! :) AWW!! So I was trying to have to have a GREAT Time, And I did. SO then we were talking abut who's birthday is Next and it's MINE!! :D I told them I may be having a Alice In Wonderland Dress up Party! yes, I'm turning 19 but I love ALICE!! :D haha! it's going to be GREAT! :D like amazing! haha! :) My Family was REALLY into it! :) haha! they were saying who they want to be and stuff. this Week has been Good And bad! I'm Swimming and feel like I'm getting better So I'm hoping! and the bad is the pain STILL bad. it was a busy So I'm blessed I can still do stuff :) and that My Mom And Dad and my Brothers push me and my Friends to! :D I'm just going though a Lot with Trying to deal with this, most of the time I feel like, I have accepted it but some days no :( some part of me thinks Maybe I'll wake up and I'll be fine! But I know I won't. I guess sometimes I'm like how Could I get this! i'm 18!! and I got FM when I was 10 and JRA when I was 13! I'm just like why! But then I'm like Well, It's something I must go Though with God and my family and Friends! :) I may have said this before But it's something that I can't help. yesterday I just wanted to not have JRA or FM.. It was just a Tough day for me! But I'm ok :) Tough as in a lot of pain! anyway,Right now I'm watching Cheers and tweeting:D I put all my Alice in Wonderland Posters up.  it's raining again, when did I move to the UK?? haha! :D 
Good Night and God Bless! :D 
hugs and Faith

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