Thursday, May 6, 2010

Cinco De Mayo

My day was Ok. Besides it being Cinco De Mayo! :) and we ate Tacos and stuff. :) I'm Half Mexican. Anyway! I woke up feeling sick but not to much. But I saw, I had some hives on my elbow But there weren't that bad so I went about my day. Then I was cleaning and making some Beans for Our Mexican Dinner :) then I was resting and then I made some chicken fajitas and Rice :) Then I got really tired and stopped, and it was SUPER hot, 101F! the Heat makes me feel more TRIED! So then I was in bed reading and watching TV :) icarly My SHOW! :D even Though I'm older then 15! HAHA! :D Anyway.. Then I was watching the Spurs game with My Family Even though we lost. It was just good being with my family :) Now I'm trying to put my Alice In wonderland Poster up. it has the Mad Hatter n IT! :D I LOVE HIM! :D He's SO CRAZY! :D Haha! :D so in between all this I got hives all on my arm and some little ones on my back and one on my foot. It could have been the Enbrel because last night, My Doctor called to tell to stop the Enbrel, But I had token it already! :( It seems to be not helping me and It maybe making me worser!! :O Him and the Doctor in Houston talked Finally Yesterday. They Both Think, I may have Still's Disease to. they are still double checking all my blood work and stuff. So I took my hives meds and they went away! THANK GOD! I was SO ITCHY!!  Right now I'm watching Cheers :) and relaxing! :D I still have Pain But I'm ok :) And REAL MADRID WON! :D  So On twitter... It has Been So FUN! :D Tell me if you have one! :D and FOLLOW @JRAPeeps :D I want a Cure for JRA! We all DO! :D Don't Forget it's National day of Prayer Tomorrow! I'Ll be PRAYING! :D 
Having Hives wears you out. I'm SO TRIED!
anyway, Bed time! :D LOVE Y'all! :D
Hugs and Blessings
-Pamela <3

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